Lighting is one of the first things that guests notice when they enter a hotel. Failure of hotels to provide adequate lighting might result in poor ratings. In the hospitality industry, the ambience created by lighting has a huge impact on customer satisfaction, simply because guests often stay in hotels at night when lighting is the most needed. If you are planning the lighting of a hotel, here are 10 hotel lighting tips to create a welcoming experience for the guests.


Consult an Interior Designer

Hotel lighting layouts and designs are often left to the discretion of electrical engineers. While they have the expertise on the electrical routes to take, they are unlikely to consider style in the planning. Instead, consult an interior designer to decide lighting layouts and designs.

Adapt Lighting to New Layouts

Hotel layouts are increasingly changing into open-concept spaces. This means that the foyer, check-in area, bar, and restaurant share the same space. Hence, lighting has to be adaptable to be used at different times of the day.

Stick to Your Concept

When selecting light designs, remember to stick to the overall hotel concept. Avoid choosing anything out of place that will put guests off.

Have Adequate Lighting Everywhere

From the lobby, to the elevators, to the corridors, to the rooms, everything that a hotel wants to highlight has to be illuminated by appropriate lighting. As such, ensure that there is adequate lighting everywhere in the hotel.

Simple is the Buzzword

Lighting systems need to be intuitive and simple enough for guests to use easily. Complicated designs with text are highly discouraged. Choose icons that can be internationally understood to communicate the different functions of switches.

Invest in Good Quality Lighting

Investing in good quality lighting will not only keep the guests satisfied but also save money in the long run. The larger the hotel, the more extensive the lighting system must be. It is wise to choose durable lighting that is designed for hotels to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Provide Suitable Lighting for Different Events

Besides providing accommodation, hotels are also venues for events such as weddings, business meetings, and school proms. Install lighting that is adjustable in terms of color and brightness to provide suitable lighting for different events.

Make Use of Natural Light

Many guests like to work in areas in a hotel with natural light because such areas usually don’t require booking. Incorporate natural light in your hotel to encourage guests to work there.

Think about Energy Efficiency

LED lights are a top choice for hotels because of their energy efficiency. On top of great design, LED lights are also cost-efficient.

Flexible Room Lighting

Lighting in hotel rooms should be flexible for different purposes. For example, lights at the desk should be independent of lights at the bed. This will ensure that the hotel room lighting is sufficient for different uses of guests.

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