Generally, wooden floors have been considered elegant for the old-fashioned, simple look they bring to the house. However, due to the immense amount of work that goes into maintaining a wooden floor, people have begun switching to a less stressful material. The material is known as a wood veneer, which is a thin layer of wood layered on top of a more durable material.


Unlike the wooden floor, the veneer wood floor is a stable floor that doesn’t swell or shrink as the seasons dictate. It’s also affordable, durable, and easy to pick perfect designs for a decoration style. If you own one, you may also find that it can be easy to clean. If you want to know how to clean veneer wood floors properly, this article is for you.

Use Gentle Soaps

Gentle soaps are great for cleaning veneer wood floors because they won’t strip off their layers. To clean the floor, you can start by filling a cleaning bucket with hot water above lukewarm temperature but below boiling temperature. Then, you should pour baby shampoo or mild detergent into the water.

After mixing the soap and water well, soak a mop in the soapy water. Subsequently, bring the mop out and squeeze the water out till it’s a little damp. Then, begin to mop the veneer wood floor from side to side, making sure to hit every part of the floor. Don’t forget to soak the mop in water and wring when necessary. Once you are done mopping the floor, you can use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the floor.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a popular home ingredient used in almost every home-related process. In cleaning your veneer wood floor, you can also use it by pouring it into a spray bottle, mixing it with water, and shaking the bottle vigorously for a proper mix. Since it’s abrasive on its own, you have to mix it with water before using it to clean the veneer.

After mixing the cleaning solution, spray a bit on the floor and wipe the floor with a damp cloth or mop immediately. It’s crucial for the floor’s safety to wipe it off quickly because the longer it sits there, the greater the chance of eating into the veneer. You should also be careful not to soak the floor with water. If there is a lot of moisture during the cleaning, make sure you wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Use Hot Water

Since water is considered the mildest cleaning agent, you can use hot water to clean your veneer wood floor. Simply pour water below the boiling temperature into a bucket and soak a mop in it. Then, bring out the mop and wring it till it is damp. After that, mop your floor side to side till you finish the room.

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