Veneers have become popular furnishing materials in bedrooms, which is testament to their versatility, durability and elegance. However, coloration is important, and below are four veneer colors that will look fabulous when added to your bedroom walls.

4 Gorgeous Veneer Colors To Enhance Your Bedroom Walls

Rusted Teak Veneer

Rust is quite distinctive and suitable for both commercial and residential decorations. You can combine rust colored doors and wardrobes with ivory colored walls which will offset its zesty appearance. Teak manifests itself as a sturdy and dense wooden variant which is time tested and capable of retaining sheen for many years. This particular veneer color is often the result of superb craftsmanship and must adhere to numerous global quality standards.

Steel Grey Veneer

This is a unique color that is somewhat rare for bedrooms. Experts recommend purchasing veneer which is koto dyed and steel grey in color as it can dramatically transform your living space. This is because the color will complement both nude and bright accessories, and functions as a veneer coloration which is timeless and capable of maintaining its appeal even in the face of evolving trends. Furthermore, it can act as a wonderful furnishing option for headboards, wardrobes, doors and furniture.

Plum Veneer

Plum veneers are perfect for those that wish to produce a bedroom environment which is especially cozy and comfortable. It consists of warmer tones such as white, grey, light brown, brown red, ivory and darker brown to produce an atmosphere which is designed to promote serenity and sleep. Mixing plum veneer with brass or copper accessories is an excellent combination, and some suppliers provide an extensive line of veneer which comes in in both plum and mauve shades.

One popular choice for homeowners is African redwoods which have either parquet or checker print. If you’re looking for a veneer for your wardrobe or focal wall, you won’t go wrong with plum, especially when you select a veneer which is A grade and warp free which is extracted from the finest wooden species.

Ash Black Veneer

An enduring combination for furnishing your living space is white and black. Ash black veneer which is dyed will establish the tone with regards to modern interior design. The look can be further complemented with ivory or whitened flooring and walls which will produce a minimalistic and modernized bedroom. This particular color combo is ideal for bigger bedrooms and spaces where light will be reflected. There are suppliers that sell veneer sheets which are black in color and constructed from fine ash wood which is imported from Italy.

How Should Veneer Colors Be Applied?

Veneers are adaptable and can be used in many places, such as wall panels, doors, flooring and bed frames. However, some property owners choose to take a conservative stance during color selection. Bedroom veneers come in many different styles that can provide a nice bit of color for your interior spaces. You’ll want to purchase your veneers from a supplier that provides them in numerous finishes, textures and colors that can make recommendations on the best choice for you.

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