A door’s design tells you what lies behind it. It is the very first thing everybody sees when they enter your house. Therefore, you should choose doors carefully, whether they are for the entrance of your home or the interior.

5 stunning wooden door

It goes without saying that wood is an all-time favorite material. The combination of versatility, durability, and beauty is unbeatable. Here is a list of five stunning wooden door design ideas for your house to make your home’s gateway stand out. Use any of the stunning interior design ideas listed below.

Engraved Wooden Door Design

An engraved wooden door frame creates a 3D effect that is unique. They are an excellent cost-effective option when you don’t want to spend on accent pieces or dual veneers. The entire door frame or just a portion can be carved to gain a vintage appearance. With various doors available, you can tailor the style to fit your preferences.

A Rustic-Looking Wooden Door

For architectural beautification and uncompromising quality, a rustic attitude is a key factor in the construction of sumptuous villas. Adding bracing and framing to batten and ledged doors will stiffen them, enhance their appearance, and make them stronger.

A Dual-Tone Door Design

The concept of dual-toned doors is the use of two different colors of door veneers that are closely related to each other. You can create an appealing look by combining the two veneer sheets into any of the different geometric shapes and design options. Designing the door veneers separately, one for each leaf of the door is the most common approach.

Hardware-Focused Door Design

Hardware-Focused Door Design

Using hardware pieces on veneer doors can also create an impression of grandeur. The perfect way to execute this design is with full-sized door handles, knobs, or eye-catching locks made of steel or brass. Brass or metallic inlays on veneer doors go well with statement hardware. A veneer-surfaced large front door would be the best candidate for the design.

The Paneled Door Design

The Paneled Door Design

Adding panels to a front door is a great choice if you want to add some character to the entrance. It is possible to combine a paneled door design with the right veneer design for doors in order to achieve the desired effect. Panels come in vertical, horizontal, and diamond shapes. A geometric design like a triangle or a square is an excellent way to highlight the natural gradients and colors of the door veneers. For contemporary homes, this design is perfect.

Wooden Door Design to Change the Look of Your Home

Wooden Door Design to Change the Look of Your Home

Incorporating natural themes into wooden door designs without sacrificing aesthetics is a great way to express your lifestyle. In order to achieve this, you need to select the best and most diverse veneer sheets and wood species available.

It is popular to use veneer in applications such as furniture and door sets. There are a variety of wood veneer species and designs available. You can reach out to our amazing team at Materials Inc for some amazing veneer designs for doors that will ultimately meet your main door design requirements.

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