Interior lighting design is one of the most significant interior design fundamentals, although it is sometimes overlooked by do-it-yourself designers. You don’t have a well-decorated home or workspace unless you’ve adopted some lighting design principles, no matter how meticulously you’ve furnished, organized, and embellished.


Of course, you’ll want to consider the appearance and feel of lighting fixtures, such as whether to match antique-style lights to your older home or to create an elegant effect with a crystal chandelier. Continue reading for a guide on accent lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is commonly thought of as mood lighting, which it is, but it is much more than that.

Not only does it produce ambiance and affect mood, but accent lighting is also used to emphasize architectural aspects and essential items, as well as to pull attention away from less appealing elements. Even though accent lighting may hide decorating mistakes, it is the most frequently overlooked of the three forms of lighting (the other two forms being ambient lighting and task lighting).

Besides highlighting a point of interest, like a family portrait or a famous painting, accent lighting can also create the impression of a bigger space. Furthermore, selecting the appropriate accent lighting can be beneficial to people working in an office, such as lessening eye fatigue, increasing production, and more.

Some examples of accent lighting are:

  • Uplights and can lights
  • Picture lights
  • Dimmable chandeliers
  • Wall sconces
  • Niche lighting

Keep in mind that chandeliers and wall sconces may function as accent lighting, especially if dimmer switches are used. Track and recessed lights, depending on how they are directed, can operate as a point of illumination too.

When planning your accent lighting, consider how you want each room to feel and which aspects you want to emphasize or conceal. In addition, consider where you want to display artwork or particularly stunning pieces of furniture.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, sometimes known as general lighting, is the most fundamental of the three categories of lighting. It’s the natural light coming in through your windows, as well as the lighting that acts as a substitute for natural light.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is exactly what it sounds like: it is the light required to complete tasks such as reading, studying, cooking, applying cosmetics, and so on. Task lighting fixtures include lamps for tables and desks, lights beneath the counter, track lighting or recessed lighting, vanity lamps, etc.

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