Many restaurants and cafés want to enhance their customers’ experience, but they may not know that the way their space is set up is the cause! Did you know that the happiest areas in our life appear to be those with greenery? Plants can benefit both mental and physical health by relaxing emotions and lowering stress.

A Guide To Improving Your Restaurant Experience With Biophilic Design

There is a currently rising and popular movement that emphasizes the relevance of biophilic design — creating spaces that are inspired by nature and promote people’s health and well-being. In this post, we’ll show you how to incorporate biophilic design in restaurants.

Provide Nature-Themed Outdoor and Indoor Seating

Customers frequently expect restaurant meals to be served swiftly. This expectation changes when you build your restaurant with a biophilic design. People are more likely to relax and enjoy their meal and even return for more if they spend more time with nature.

This is due to the biophilic design’s goal of providing an experience that our bodies instinctively want. It is about providing people with pleasant indoor and outdoor settings inspired by greenery and nature, where they may feel peaceful and at one with their surroundings.

Add Greenery

Plants, as we all know, boost the oxygen levels in a room. Most individuals, however, are unaware that indoor plants may boost their mood and reduce stress. When employed in restaurants and cafés, they may create a fantastic ambiance that is especially appealing to clients who love greenery.

Being surrounded by plants has a biophilic impact that helps you feel happy and buoyant. For instance, people who were given plants at their office reported higher levels of safety, belonging, and well-being, according to research. This is most likely due to higher quantities of oxygen provided to the rooms by plants.

Reduce Noise Levels with Wall Gardens

Noise is an inherent aspect of the restaurant experience, but the sound levels in a kitchen may be overwhelming. The good news is that by utilizing proper materials and other architectural features such as a wall garden, you may lower noise levels in your restaurant or café. The concept behind the wall garden is to minimize noise levels by filling the sound-blocking area with greenery and using plants’ noise-absorbing qualities. Wall gardens, whether living or conserved, can help lower noise levels by 20-30%. It also improves the entire mood of the area, making it feel more open and peaceful, with a natural vibe.

Incorporating a wall garden inside your restaurant or café may not only lower noise levels but also provide your clients with a unique and lovely sight.

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