When looking around for the best interior design style to suit your personality and vibes, it can be easy to get lost in the numerous styles available in the market. When it comes to selecting the right interior design style that speaks out to you, we understand that it would be hard to choose. Here, we introduce some of the most popular interior design styles that could bring out the best in your home.


Modern Interior Design

A beautiful and well-coordinated mix of clean lines, smooth and sleek surfaces, modern interior design is popular for their minimal décor. Designers particularly tend to use art as the main décor hence bold and colorful furniture or even art pieces are usually found in a mainly neutral space.

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist design favors empty spaces with simple forms, simple finished and clean lines. Inspired by the Japanese design that having less means more, minimalist interiors contain neutral color schemes with primary colors as accent colors. Texture is always used in this design and there is no use of patterns. Storage is extremely vital in this design and so furniture not only takes on the role of being furniture, most of them also have hidden storage space.

Scandinavian Interior Design

One of the more prominent styles, the Scandinavian interior design is known to be airy, light and organic. Such Nordic spaces offer an inviting and relaxing atmosphere with their white walls, cozy textiles and huge mirrors. The wood used in the interior are often ash while put together with clean lines, glass furniture and layered fabrics.

Rustic Interior Design

A design encompassing main elements such as industrial touches, farmhouse charm and natural materials, the rustic interior emphasizes on simplicity and the effortless beauty of nature. Wood and fabrics that have simple texture and patterns with unexpected additions including an industrial style light is signature to this style.

Bohemian Interior Design

Growing in terms of popularity, numerous retailers are bringing in bohemian style décor and furniture. This design features an aesthetic free spirit that infuses artistic expressions and various cultures into an eclectic style that breaks out from all conventions. This interior gives us a laid-back feel and makes use of a lot of elements from nature. Bold patterns and bright colors are a must for furniture and pieces including trinkets, animal hides, rich wood and metallic accents can be found giving us the feel that we have been immersed in a completely different place in the world.

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