For a long time, wood has been one of the top choices as a building material. However, over time, more people have been moving away from wood and instead opting for products that are engineered, including metals such as aluminum. Wood is actually one of the top building materials in the market, especially if you consider factors like performance as well as impact on the environment. Read on to find out more about the advantages of using wood to build your living space or office!

Wood As A Building Material

Advantages of Using Wood

Although wood is considered to be relatively lightweight, it is actually one of the strongest materials in the market, and even outperforms steel. Wood is one of the best materials to be able to support their own weight, which means that lesser support is necessary in certain building designs.

Wood is also resistant to heat and electrical conduction. Hence, the dimensions and strength of a building made of wood will not be affected much by heat. This makes the finished building a lore more stable, and enhances safety for those in the building. The material is also great at absorbing sound, resulting in less echo in office or living spaces.

With a wide range of wood available, there is a large selection of aesthetic choices for homeowners or building owners.

Wood is a Renewable Material

As compared to metals or concrete, wood is a material that can constantly be replenished through forestry management programs, as well as replanting. Good regulations also mean that harvesting of larger trees can take place, while still facilitating the growth of younger ones. This makes them a material that is renewable, thus giving it a green advantage.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Due to the natural cellular structure of wood, it has an insulation rating much higher than that of plastic and steel. This means that buildings and homes that are made of wood require a lot less energy to maintain its temperature, resulting in less energy required for cooling or heating the place. In addition, wood is able to help regulate the levels of humidity in the air to a small extent.

Wood is a Biodegradable Material

Normally, a huge challenge faced by the construction industry is the amount of time building materials like metal, concrete and plastic take to break down once they have been discarded. On the other hand, wood can break down a lot easily and faster when it is exposed to the natural climate. Wood can also help to replenish and fertilize the soil.

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