Materials Inc is a wholesale distributor of high-quality wood veneers, wood surfaces, decorative panels, floors, doors, and other specialty architectural products. Established in 2000, over the years Materials Inc. has built a well-respected brand and reputation in the Architectural and Interior Design community through the combined efforts of a highly qualified sales team, a strong customer service staff, and a variety of marketing actions.

The company operates in the construction industry throughout North America. Its main focus is in the commercial and contract sectors of the industry, primarily retail, hospitality, and condominium development.


Why Choose Us

The Company’s marketing strategy is designed to increase the recognition of our suppliers’ brands, Tabu Veneers, and Apavisa porcelain tiles, as well as the Materials Inc.’s own brands for finished products and services. The focus of our marketing efforts is to acquire and nurture a loyal base of architects and interior designers and promote repeat specifications of our products.

The challenge of our sales force is to coordinate and manage the specifiers, the clients, and the contractors during the planning and construction time to assure that the specifications come to fruition. A key element of our business strategy is our ability to provide a high level of customer service and support. The company’s operations strategy is designed to enhance the value for its customers by fulfilling orders quickly and accurately. Materials Inc. operates an administrative office and a warehouse in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Why choose US
Why choose us