Control centers are places that provide centralized monitoring, control, and command of various situations. Whether it is for network operations, emergency operations, or security operations, control centers are places where every second counts because even the slightest mistake can have major repercussions. This is why control centers need to be flawlessly designed to minimize distractions that often cause operators to lose focus. Thus, acoustic treatment plays a crucial role in maintaining the serious environment of control centers.

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Why Acoustic Treatment is Important in Control Centers

It is typical for control centers to have different types of alarms to signal different threats or notifications. In order to hear the alarms, the entire environment of the control center needs to be controlled. Furthermore, operators are required to be able to tell each type of signal and alarm apart. These skills enable them to identify what the situation is and how they select an appropriate response plan. Any audio disturbance may render these tasks impossible to accomplish.

To ensure that the operators can achieve this, part of the acoustic treatment done is to set the frequencies for each alarm and signal at the optimal level. Operators are then trained using these configured settings.

What Goes into the Acoustic Treatment of Control Centers?

Acoustic treatment of control centers does not simply involve acoustics. It is about designing and creating an environment that is the best for operators to work in. This means that acoustics, lighting, ergonomics, as well as wall and flooring materials need to be planned at the same time in order to achieve cohesion in the control center environment. Workstations need to be skillfully designed so that operators can be well-supported to do their jobs.

Often, acoustics come in as an afterthought when control centers are being designed. This can have a detrimental effect on how effective the control center is. Here at Materials Inc., we understand just how important it is to consider acoustics at the start of designing a control center, right from the materials to be used as acoustic panels.

Among the most commonly used acoustic panels in acoustic treatment, timber acoustic panels are a popular choice. Not only are they aesthetically soothing on the eyes, but they also have great acoustic performance. Depending on your needs, we have a variety of wooden milled panels with different groove widths to provide different levels of acoustic performance.

Another great choice is our moss acoustic panels. They are the ideal soundproofing solution to reduce disruptive noise because of their excellent sound absorbing capabilities. As control center operators usually work for hours on end, it would serve them well to have a natural moss panel to look at.

Are you looking for materials suitable to be used in the acoustic treatment of your control center? Materials Inc. offers a wide range of products that are suitable for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and find out which materials suit your control center.

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