European culture is strongly at the root of classic interior house designs. The main inspiration of the modern classic style is Greek and Roman design as well as Victorian and Art Deco. The European modern classic interior design is a result of a mix of modern design and classic design.

modern classic style

Materials and Colors

Classic and modern styles combine for the kind of furniture you’ll need for a living room that classifies as the modern classic style. You’ll use a combination of a simple style and modern style, with a touch of minimalist. Though still trendy today, the furniture used is not overly modern. It will have less carving on it and simple lines. Main colors consist of gray-blue shades, white, silver, gray, chocolate brown, black,or beige. Color is a main ingredient when combining modern and classic.

Shaking Things Up a Bit

Without exaggerating or going over the top, adorn your space with several nice accessories if you want to make the style more attractive. You may choose the following decorations:

  • Geometric patterned throw pillows
  • One large painting hung on the wall instead of a cluster of small art pieces
  • Vase with a single flower

To allow more natural light into the room, leave the windows bare. For simple window treatments, blinds can be installed if you prefer some privacy or not to let in too much light.

Living Room – How to Have Modern Classic Style

To achieve modern classic styling in your living room, pay particular attention to flooring, furniture, color, and accessories. Here are some suggestions:

  • Flooring – Flooring is neutral with a transitional design. Wood floors in warm tones or soft colored carpets are generally used. The texture in the rugs or carpets is important because flooring is neutral. Popular choices for transitional styles are sisal rugs, hides, and Berber carpets.
  • Furniture – To transmit all the essence of this particular style, the furniture of modern classic style has a precise design. To create and incorporate the perfect space, every detail is precious, from the colors to the materials. The truth is, the modern classic style is more about ambience and comfort than being trendy.
  • Accessories – For the strongest look, use simple decorations, accessories, and lines. These were referred to earlier: a vase, large paintings, geometric patterned throw pillows.
  • Color – Ambience and color are both important. For drama and sophistication, use a high contrast combination. To create the perfect modern classic style, combine the color of decorations, space, and furniture.

Ideally, you will choose the perfect palette for your project while keeping things as simple as you can. Remember the main colors suggested above because they are an important ingredient when trying to achieve a modern classic style.

Regardless of Style – We Have Would You Need

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