The interior design of an establishment should look not only at the aesthetics of the space, but should also contribute to functionality. Smart interior design focuses not only on what looks good, but also what helps to increase the efficiency of the business. This also helps to drive up the business’s bottom line. Read on to find out how to achieve smart interior design to not only make your establishment pleasing to the eye, but also serve a practical purpose in boosting efficiency.


In Your Design Process, Keep Operational Efficiency in Mind

The functionality of a design can be constantly improved, even amidst a running operation. However, the most critical aspects of functional design must be kept in mind and considered at the initial stages of the design process. For example, in a hotel business, it is important to keep in mind that the less time a housekeeper needs to housekeep a guest’s room, the more efficient the housekeeping department will be. In this case, smart interior design must factor in the ease of cleaning for housekeepers. This means forgoing certain designs like stone slabs that are hard to clean and that take up a lot of time. Porous surfaces are more difficult to clean, so if hotel businesses are looking to have a smart interior design, they should skip these materials and instead build the interior with surfaces that are easy and efficient to clean, such as rounder and smoother surfaces.

Staff Satisfaction Should be Made a Primary Goal

It is a well known fact that if your employees are happy, your clients will also be happy. In operations like hospitality, the working conditions can be very stressful and labor intensive. As such one thing that a business owner can consider is to invest in equipment which makes the job a lot easier. Considerations on the design aspect can also impact your staff greatly, and demonstrate that you care for their well-being.

For instance, if you run a food establishment, the waiters in your establishment walk long distances everyday while carrying heavy weights during their work shifts. If you have factored in staff satisfaction early on, you would have considered practicality on their parts and make small changes like switching out a silver tray for a carbon tray to minimize the weight they have to carry.

Focus Not Only On the Aesthetics

While the aesthetics of your establishment is undoubtedly important, they are not the only thing that goes into making your guest’s experience great. You also have to think about the level of comfort. For instance, beautiful chairs may not equate to comfortable chairs. Before you order an entire set of chairs to furnish your food establishment with, you should definitely test the chair out. Also, small things like ensuring that the distance between the height of the table and the height of the chair is suitable is important. Apart from choosing aesthetic tables, pick one that is durable and easy to clean as well.

Smart interior design can help to improve operations and not only boost efficiency from your staff, but helps keep clients happy as well. Thinking of changing up certain aspects of your establishment? Materials Inc. is here to help. We distribute specialty architectural products, decorative panels, wood surfaces and more, and will be glad to help you with your needs. Feel free to contact us to find out more today!

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