To meet global travelers’ extra expectations, hotels today promise “The Great Escape” through accommodation packages that have undergone significant transformations through the years. From providing memorable experiences and top services to redesigning communal spaces and guestrooms, hospitality design trends change with the times and the desires of guests.

The hotel room with Room Number sign on the door

In an already tech driven world, numerous additional tech related projects will be integrated in the hospitality industry. This will include everything from personalized activities to green spaces and Instagram worthy technological attractions. So, what are some of the trending hospitality designs going to be for late this year and early next year?

AI and VR

For those not in the know, AI and VR stands for artificial intelligence and virtual reality. For booking, ordering, and as marketing tools, the entertaining use of physical sensations, sound, and images between the real and digital world are now informative and fully utilized.


Facing the world today is the rising global discussion of sustainability. For hotels, one aspect of successful brand management will be sustainability and eco-friendliness. Materials that are eco-friendly are being switched to by many hotels; as well as building component requirements, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and decor that is eco-friendly. As an introduction for sustainability awareness, efforts are also being made regarding the following:

  • Farm to table dining concepts
  • Recycling
  • Waste segregation
  • Indoor plants
  • Meditation gardens
  • Green walls and more

Everything’s Smarter!

You probably have a smart phone, so why not stay in a “smart hotel?” A higher level of personalization is offered by smart hotels because guests have the ability to use voice command and mobile devices to operate entertainment systems, control lighting moods, adjust air conditioning/heating, and more. A vital feature for 2020 hotels will be IoT (the Internet of Things).

Spaces for Being Alone and/or Socializing

Rather than being confined to their room, cafés and lobbies are being used for working and socializing by travelers. Despite being present in the same area, people today tend to communicate through their devices. This new behavior of communication is referred to as “isolated togetherness”. For 2020 hotels, this new phenomenon could dictate the way shared spaces are designed. From multiple bar areas to the creation of stylish lounges, you may soon see the following for sharing online social experiences:

  • Karaoke sessions
  • Art performances
  • Wellness sessions
  • Food tasting, and more

Travel for “Bleisure”

No, that is not a typo. When you mix leisure activities with business, it is now referred to as bleisure. After business has been conducted, many travelers today are extending their stay for a little R&R. To help travelers seek bleisure, guest access for the following is being provided by hotels:

  • Integrated function halls and meeting rooms with close-by leisure facilities (swimming, indoor sports, etc.)
  • Well-planned conference and business rooms
  • Ironing facilities
  • Accessible power outlets
  • In room workstations
  • Easy Internet access, and more

Hip and Trendy or Traditional – Count on Materials Inc. For Your Hospitality Design Materials

Whether you choose to go along with today’s trends, or go off in your own direction, use the best materials. Whether designing an indoor or outdoor area, Materials Inc. has what you need. We’ve assisted some high-end locations in our day. Big names in the hospitality business. We can help you, as well.

Contact one of our representatives today if you’d like to find out more about the materials we offer for the design of your hospitality business.

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