Materials Spotlight: Metal Wall Panels

All around you, if you pay close attention, you will see metal architecture. It is used for gutter systems, to cover roofs, and is undeniably growing in popularity. In both residential and commercial buildings, applications involving metal wall panels are being installed. Before you can make the choice of whether or not to use metal...

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How To Select A Wood-Look Tile

Over the last several years, wood-look tile quality has evolved and improved considerably. That, in addition to tile’s many positive characteristics, makes it a great flooring choice – no matter what the pattern. If you've decided that it's high time to install a new floor in your old home – or if you are laying...

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Your Guide To Sustainable Interior Design

With the rise in awareness of environmental issues, sustainability has become a new key factor that businesses look at to stay competitive. Interior designers are now incorporating a sustainable framework when it comes to design choices, hunting for eco-friendly materials and techniques without sacrificing any physical appeal. There are good reasons as to why many...

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Understanding Dynamic Office Design

In today’s office landscape, design choices need to focus on versatility more so than ever before. Companies nowadays scale up and down very quickly, and even change business strategies to adapt to new environments and trends. As such, company spaces need to be dynamic and cannot stay static. There are barely any cubicles seen anymore...

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