For those who love to entertain guests and invite people over, they may think about building a home bar to invite those close to them. There is nothing more relaxing than having your close friends come over, with everyone enjoying several drinks and chatting about life. Not only would building a home bar allow you to have fun within the comfort of your own home, it is also a space where people can gather to socialize especially if you do not feel like squeezing into public bars that are usually very crowded. Read on to find out more about flooring ideas you can incorporate in your home bar!

Options For Building-A Home Bar

Qualities to Look Out for

When it comes to flooring, there are many fun tile ideas that homeowners can play around with. However, no matter which type of flooring you decide to choose for your own home bar, it is important for it to be practical. For instance, it should be slip resistant even when it is wet to ensure the safety of people inside the home bar. Furthermore, homeowners should stick to scratch resistant flooring as this could prevent damage from constantly pulling stools and chairs in and out. The floor should also be water resistant and easy to clean or maintain.

PVC Max Tile Raised Floor

If you are thinking about installing a bar in an open area in your basement, then using the PVC max tile raised floor is something that you can consider. This tile is visually appealing- it is a vinyl laminate which allows for plenty of air circulation underneath, which means the tiles will not trap moisture. This is a bonus point as this reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew, and promotes a healthy and dry environment.

Carpet Tiles that Interlock

You may have thought about using carpet as a flooring for your home bar, but may be discouraged due to the high cost it comes with. If you like the feel of the plush and soft carpet, perhaps you can consider interlocking carpet tile squares instead. These tiles are installed and removed very easily, and can be installed over tiles or concrete. They are also odor-proof and waterproof, and are easy to clean since they will not absorb water.

Vinyl Peel and Stick Flooring

Using this kind of flooring can help you achieve the expensive look of a stone, slate or wood plank flooring without the cost of these premium materials. Peel and stick tiles are an affordable option which can elevate your home bar at the same time. Peel and stick flooring are also practical as they are moisture-resistant and easy to install.

If you are in the midst of installing a home bar but still have no idea what you want as your flooring, check out Materials Inc. We have a wide range of durable and attractive materials you can choose from that are suitable for your home bar. Feel free to contact us to find out more about what you can use as home bar flooring today!

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