When you think about it, a lot of demands are put on the worktop of a kitchen. It is, after all, the workhorse of the room. It needs to be stylish, but practical to use and tough. For that reason, people put a lot of thought into their choice of materials for kitchen worktops.

Materials for kitchen worktops

When most people create or redecorate a kitchen, the main style decision they make is usually for the cabinetry. However, for the overall scheme of your kitchen, your choice of worktop will also have a definite impact. It’s highly prominent because, for one thing, it’s a horizontal plane – much like the flooring. For this reason, don’t view it as an afterthought, but rather, give it due consideration.

Materials For Kitchen Worktops

In the last few years, there’s been a radical change in worktop materials. Across all budgets, there is now a vast choice. Super tough materials are available, thanks to technology, and – for this busiest room in the house – are virtually indestructible.

But before you invest in a kitchen worktop, there are some things you should consider:

The Best Material

Where kitchen worktops are concerned, what is the most popular material? Well, there are several:

  • Solid wood – also known as butcher block
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Laminate

Different advantages are provided by stainless steel, composite stone, and glass. To ensure that your worktop precisely fits your needs, all factors involved should be considered.

If you’re on a budget, choosing marble, concrete, and other made-to-measure worktops might be out of your price range. Instead, you may decide to go for a look-alike of high quality. A gorgeous surface design can be provided by precut laminate. Without the heavy price tag, it is a durable choice for kitchen worktops.

Pick Your Profile

The look of your kitchen can be altered by the depth of the worktop you choose. More and more special edges on work surfaces are being seen. This is done by adding a strip of the stone or composite to the front of the worksurface. Still popular, however, are thinner profiles (20 mm down to 10 mm).

Your Budget and Added Costs

From expensive granites down to cheaper laminates, there are a variety of price points where worktops are concerned. How much do you have available to spend? That could end up influencing your choice. Remember, it may seem like a good idea to go with the cheaper option, but it won’t be as durable as composites or stones.

Try mixing and matching worktops if you’ve got a tight budget. Put laminate in areas that aren’t used much and, in harder working areas, a more expensive but durable stone (by the sink, the cooktop, stove, on the island, etc.).

If you go with certain woods, granite, and/or composites, they need expert templating. Also costing extra would be special treatment to the area next to the sink: drainer grooves cut into the stone.

The Layout of Your Kitchen

Picking out the best worktop might be easier if the layout of your kitchen has already been decided. If you have lots of corners, it may make more sense to go with seamless materials such as composites. Easier to fit, however, and cheaper, are straight runs.

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