Are you renovating your new home or redesigning your current abode? Choosing suitable flooring is important so it can last you for a long time with minimal repairs needed. We looked at the most important parts of a standard house and selected the best flooring choices to suit the requirements. Read on to choose the most suitable flooring that will look fantastic for a long time and can withstand footfall, daylight, humidity, and even chemicals.

Choosing The Most Suitable Flooring For Each Room

Laminate for the Basement

Laminate, a dense fiberboard overlaid with an image sealed under clear plastic, is a cost-effective option. In fact, it’s the cheapest available flooring compared to vinyl and very simple to set up on your own.

However, keep in mind that it’s best for basements with no leakage or dampness on the walls or grounds. Pick those with wide planks that resemble individual floorboards for the most realistic look of real wood. The hollow sound that the flooring can generate underfoot can be reduced by installing it above a sound-dampening foam layer.

Vinyl in the Bathroom and Laundry Room

Showers drips, splash, and toilets flood. Not to mention urine stains. Urine can damage and even ruin some natural stone flooring, notably marble, and bleach can erode the finish of wood and laminate.

That is why we suggest opting for vinyl instead. When it comes to water leaks and flooding tolerance, all of the vinyl tiles and planks can work wonders. The most convincing look can be achieved using luxury vinyl tiles that resemble stone and luxury vinyl planks that resemble wood. They can even be arranged in your preferred pattern, mimicking the actual thing.

Porcelain Tile in the Mudroom and Kitchen

Porcelain tile outscored every other type of flooring material in terms of scratch and dent resistance, making it an ideal fit for high-traffic parts of the home.

Porcelain tile is also available in a variety of styles to complement any decor. For a typical early 20th century home, for instance, you can get small-format hex tiles or 4-foot imitation reclaimed-ash boards that, when set firmly together with an appropriate adhesive, can successfully simulate the appearance of wood. Tile seems to be very low-maintenance as well, requiring only vacuuming and mopping to maintain its cleanness and can survive for a long time to come.

Solid Wood in Bedrooms, Dining, and Living Rooms

While it’s accurate that furniture feet, pet claws, high heels, and children’s toys can deteriorate a wood floor, any other flooring can feel subpar in these warm gathering spaces. That is why we recommend prefinished solid wood.

There are numerous advantages to using prefinished planks. During implementation, you won’t have to deal with sanding dust or finishing fumes, and based on how it’s done, you might be free to walk on the floors immediately. Prefinished flooring is also less costly. Most importantly, the factory-­applied coatings are far more durable than what your installer is likely to apply after the floor is laid.

As we’ve mentioned in this article, certain areas of the home have their challenges and that is why they require diverse types of flooring. Whether it’s vinyl, laminate, solid wood, or porcelain tile, there’s a place for every type in your house.

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