Coffee shops are the go-to place for a wide spectrum of clients, from the office worker typing on a laptop, an elderly reading a novel to the group of friends meeting up. Your coffee shop’s interior design has the power to engage your customers, boost their comfort, and entice them to become devoted customers. Explore three coffee shop interior design ideas below to create an enticing place that will help your coffee shop, whether you’re just launching it or wanting to revamp the décor and design, to attract customers.


Rustic Interior Design

A rustic-themed coffee shop interior design incorporates a variety of natural and organic components. The shop may be designed in a rural or farmhouse style, or it may have an in-the-woods feel about it. Here are some samples of what you could find at a rustic-themed coffee shop.

  • Many natural elements, such as potted plants and flowers
  • Use of a variety of wood types
  • Farmhouse accents such as jars or ancient milk crates
  • Rustic beauty emphasis
  • Raw wood, metal, and stone
  • Picnic tables
  • Chalkboard

The color scheme for a rustic interior design includes neutral hues such as tan, milk, brown, and green.

Modern Interior Design

In the early twentieth century, modern-style décor became increasingly fashionable. This design style’s main idea is that form should follow function, which means that every item of furniture and décor should be minimal and have a practical, intended purpose. Here are some samples of what you could find at a modern coffee shop:

  • Smooth surfaces and clean lines
  • Lack of emphasis on intricate details
  • Blend of sophisticated yet comfortable elements
  • Clean lines and neutral hues can be offset with strong, vibrant accessories and texture, such as a brilliantly colored sofa, cushions, or abstract paintings.
  • Fabrics such as silk, crushed velvet, linen, and wool are used to add texture
  • Clean metal accents such as stainless steel, nickel, and chrome provide a sleek appearance
  • Very dark or light wood tones
  • Clean and organized

The color scheme for a modern interior design includes colors such as brown, taupe, cream, and pure white.

Hygge Interior Design

“Hygge” is a Danish concept and term that means “joy and presence.” The emphasis of hygge décor is on comfort, warmth, and indulgence without going overboard. A hygge environment is devoid of clutter and filled with natural and warm materials. Here are some samples of what you may find at a hygge-themed coffee shop.

  • Warm, soothing lighting
  • Use of stone and wood
  • Soft textures and a variety of patterns and materials
  • Fluffy cushions, plush rugs, and soft blankets
  • Comfortable seating
  • Warm, welcoming atmosphere
  • Natural, laidback feel
  • Cozy corners
  • Rustic elements paired with contemporary elements

The color scheme for a modern interior design includes neutral colors such as light greys, browns, creams.

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