Decorating a condominium can be a daunting task – how do you make it stand out from the unit next to yours, above yours and below yours? Your first instinct may be to splatter it with a bold color that instantly screams “you” but before you do that, think years ahead. In five years or even ten, will you see it through the same eyes? Will that wild red you went for on a whim still appeal to you? If you cannot answer “yes” with confidence, put down that paint pot. We understand that designing a condo unit can be quite a challenge, which is why we have laid out some common mistakes to avoid in this article.

common design mistakes

Going for A Bold Wall Color

If you have been tempted to go for that wild paint color, take a step back. How about branding your mark on the space with accessories instead? Sticking with a quiet palette and sprucing the place up with furniture, paintings and accessories may be a wiser choice if you are going for a timeless look. Accessories are easy to replace if you tire of them, but you cannot get a new paint job every time you tire of your current one!

Picking Finishes Before Paint Schemes

If you have a very specific look in mind for your unit, you may end up going for that bold color after all. One thing to note before doing so is to make sure the finishes you have in mind are available before splattering your walls in bright red. From experience, it is often easier to choose a paint color first then find finishes to match then the other way round.

Overdoing Things

Some condominiums may offer pre-packaged finishing, instilling in you the fear that your apartment will end up looking just like everyone else’s. In light of this, you may feel the temptation to go all out and invest in unique, top-quality finishing throughout your unit, but take a minute to think whether that may be overkill. After all, design is all about contrast – our advice is to choose a few areas such as the dining room or bathroom to go all out on and stick with a simple design for the rest of the unit.

Getting Too Caught Up in Trends

Unless you are decorating with redecorating a few years down the road in mind, it pays not to pay too much attention to trends. Before making a decision, deliberate if that trend is something that really speaks to you or if you have just been caught up in its popularity. If, like most people, you are decorating with the intention of keeping the same design for years, go for a timeless look.

When deciding on the perfect look for your condominium unit, the color and material of your indoor surfaces can be the foremost consideration. Whether you already have a vision in mind or would like some suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Materials Inc. for a quote. No project is too big or small for us, and we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of wide range of materials for interior design projects.

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