When it comes to condominium design, it can be hard for new homeowners to navigate the countless design options that are available in the market today. Furthermore, space is a luxury that not many condo owners can afford. As such, we need to ensure that the limited space is fully maximized to create an illusion that your home is bigger than it is. You will be happy to know that creating this illusion does not require a magician. All you need to do is follow the interior design tips below.


Utilize Mirrors

In small condos, sometimes the best way to enlarge the space that you have is by placing mirrors in the right places. Mirrors are great for creating an illusion of added space because they help to create depth. Mirrors also allow for your room to be illuminated if it is placed in an area that is in close proximity to a light source. You could also place it across a window so that the mirror can reflect natural light. If you believe in Feng Shui, mirrors can also be a fantastic way to channel prosperity and good energy. Mirrors will help to harness light and beautify your condo at the same time.

Use Light Colors

When you are working with a confined space, light, neutral and pastel colors are the most ideal. They can create a lot of depth with the right layering and enhance the spacious look. When your walls are brighter and filled with light colors, it will naturally reflect more light and create the perception that your space is more open. On the other hand, if you were to use dark colors for your rooms, the dark shades tend to absorb more light, creating a more suffocating atmosphere.

Bigger Windows

Installing bigger windows can also allow for a more spacious feel. This is effective because the size of the windows will allow more natural light to enter. Big windows also make it seem like your condominium is higher than it is. It adds more height to the space that you want to modify while offering an obstructed view of the outdoors. In addition to creating more space, big windows can allow condo owners to become more connected to nature.

Glass Walls and Doors

Not many homeowners are aware of this, but small condos usually have a similar number of walls to larger homes. If it is possible to break down walls in your condominium that are not integral to the structure of your home, a good tip is to replace them with glass dividers. Glass is a good way to make any space seem bigger because it eliminates visual barriers that come in the form of opaque walls. Installing glass doors and walls will enable guests to view your condo in one glance, exposing different spaces and allowing for an expansive atmosphere in your home. Another reason for using glass partitions is that light can flow more easily through your different rooms, brightening your entire home and making a more visually aesthetic space.

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