Interior designs of cafes greatly affect the popularity of a café given the use of widespread social media applications such as Instagram. In this day and age, having a great café interior design is vital to attracting customers. As such, there are many factors that go into the interior design of a café that determines whether it would attract new customers and retain long-time customers.


A non-exhaustive list of factors that make a good café interior design includes the overall ambiance of the café, use of colors and lighting, as well as the importance of using the right materials. Let us dive into how these factors affect customer behavior.

Ambiance Of Cafe

After you have identified the concept you want for your café, the next step would be to come up with a plan to create the perfect ambiance that fits your concept. In determining the vibe your café gives, five main factors come into play. They are namely the choice of colors, lightning, sound, scent, and choice of materials.

Use Of Colors

The first thing your customers are going to notice walking into your café would be the visuals, namely the overall color of your restaurant. Colors are the most important factor when it comes to setting the mood of the café. Use of invasive colors like yellow and red tend to create impulse, which is why they are commonly used in food establishments.

Use Of Lighting

Lighting is another big factor which influences the vibe of a café. Café owners are encouraged to stay away from using extremely bright lights no matter how appealing they may look at first. Café goers want to be in a comfortable environment, and bright lighting do not exactly encourage that.

In contrast, dim lights can be effectively used in coffee houses to create a rustic and comfortable vibe to customers.

Use Of Sound

A café is a place where people come to interact, discuss, and study. As such, loud and distracting music would be a major turn-off to many customers. Loud music are only suitable and thus commonly found in places such as bars as it can influence customers to drink more liquor.

Use Of Scent

Have you ever walked past a coffee place and get enticed by the overwhelming aroma of coffee? Yes, scent can drive impulse in customers to purchase and trigger hunger-like reactions in customers. However, remember not to over-use aroma to lure customers as it can cause customers in the café to become sick of it and even trigger headaches or allergies.

Choice Of Materials

Another factor that people notice almost immediately upon entering your café would be interior design such as furnishings and walls. The use of right materials commonly used in cafes and restaurants can exude a sense of professionalism, coziness, or give off a rustic vibe, depending on what kind of café ambiance you are looking for.

Should you happen to have any questions regarding materials used in cafes and want to know more, feel free to contact us today!

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