Modern interior design involves much more than we think. It is believed that interior design is both science and art. It is related to how we react to the environment we are in. The interior design has to be welcoming such that you would want to spend time in the space. Before you decorate your home, read on to learn about the important interior design principles.

Decorate Your Home With These Interior Design Principles


Space is the most important part for you to get right. Interior design is about the design of interior spaces. The “open concept” floor plan is about space, specifically the balance of positive and negative space. The challenge is to strike the right balance between the two types of space, where it is not too crowded nor too sparse. This is based uniquely on how your home is like.


Another important element used by interior designers is using lines. There are three main types of lines – horizontal, vertical, and dynamic. If you want a cozy, secure feel, use horizontal lines. On the other hand, vertical lines make the space feel airy and lofty.


Any collection of lines will produce a shape. The shapes can be geometric or natural, open or closed. You can mix and match forms to achieve whatever feel you want inside your home. This can be earthy, modern, cool, or warm.


Light can be used to set the mood of any room because different types of light will create different moods. Natural light represents happiness and warmth, while artificial fluorescent lighting will make the room feel cold and still. Understanding the main types of lighting will help you create the mood of the space.


Colors bring across different meanings to our brains and they also affect our moods. We have to learn how to manipulate them to achieve the feeling that you want for your home. Different colors inspire different feelings. For example, green will bring about peace and tranquility while red is bright and intense. Meanwhile, blue will let you feel calm, and purple represents royalty. You need to know which color palette you want to use in each part of your home.

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