Trying to set up a home bar? A well-stocked home bar is a great way to impress and entertain your guests. More importantly, a home bar is a space for you to unwind quietly at home after a long day of work. You can make yourself a delicious cocktail and other types of fancy drinks without the hustle and bustle of bars outside. It’ll also be a great form of hobby.

Design Ideas For A Home Bar

Having a well-designed home bar will make the drinking experience even more enjoyable. Here are some design ideas for your home bar which can work even with a small amount of space. It’s time to get creative!

Bar Cart

Getting a bar cart is a cheap and affordable way to have a home bar without hiring renovators. Since it’ll be on top of wheels, a bar cart will also be convenient due to its mobility. You can move it around easily whenever it’s needed. There are many types of bar carts available, and you can buy a smaller one if you have limited space. For a more luxurious look, you can buy a bar cart with a gilded finish.

Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island will be perfect for a home bar setup. You can store bottles and wine glasses under the counter space for easy accessibility. It will not affect your eating zone or prep space. You can also buy matching bar stools to provide a feeling of a mini-bar.

Hole in the Wall

Wondering where to include your home bar due to limited space? How about using a recessed wall niche? This type of home bar will not take up extra living space and will not get in the way visually or physically. You can even include room for a wine chiller. If you use this type of home bar, you should store the more fragile glassware on the top shelves to reduce risks of accidents.

Under the Counter Compartment

If your kitchen counter has a recessed space on the side for storage, it’ll be a perfect area to be used as a wine storage compartment. You can set up the dining area beside the kitchen counter so the home bar area is easily accessible.

Standing Bars

How about a standing bar? To reduce the usage of space, you can use a lean table that’s mounted against the wall. The side of the table can be used to store wine bottles and glasses. This casual home bar design will look classy in your apartment, especially if you have a recessed wall niche behind it and simple lighting above it.

Go Vertical

If you have limited home space, utilizing vertical space is a great way to have a well-stocked home bar. You can have a ceiling-mounted wine rack near your kitchen counter so you can use it as a bar table. If your wine rack comes with wine glass slots beneath it, it’ll also be fantastic for storing and displaying glassware.

Other than these home bar designs, you can also consider taking a look at flooring ideas for your home bar, as well as different types of lighting. With all these aspects taken care of, you’ll have a beautiful and cohesive look for your home bar.

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