Putting some thought into designing your office reception area is essential. After all, it’s the first point of an impression when a potential client or investor steps into your workplace. As a result, its layout must be advantageous to the company’s image while also staying connected to the services that you provide. Read on for some tips on designing and factors to consider.

Designing The Reception Area In Your Office

Pay Attention to Colors

Certain colors calm us down while certain shades invoke agitation. That is why we need to emphasize on colors. Consider how various hues make you feel. Striking reds, oranges, and yellows, in particular, can be stimulating to the eye. What about a fiery pink or flamboyant purple? What about how pale blue or muted gray will be like to the eye? Ultimately, this isn’t about showcasing your favorite colors; it’s about displaying corporate credibility and competence. Consider using milder, more neutral tones and adding a tinge of vibrant flair with cushions, carpets, and wall hangings if you must.

Have Enough Lightings

If you’re lucky to have natural light beaming into your reception area, take advantage of it. Keep the number of window coverings to a bare minimum. On the flip side, utilize soft luminance from lamps or wall fittings if you’re in an unusually gloomy area.

LED lighting has a more natural feel than overhead fluorescent lights, which can feel cold and unaccommodating. All in all, make sure there’s enough brightness in your room for it to appear pleasant and welcoming. Your waiting guest should be able to read comfortably or take a short break while waiting for their appointment.

Consider Little Details with Accessories

Start by looking around your reception area. Are there simple details you can supplement to make your guests feel more at ease? Try adding a coat rack or a spot to hang damp umbrellas. Make sure there are enough platforms for your visitors to put down their handbag, coffee cup, or project document.

Maintain a hospitable environment by providing mint sweets, bottled water, and even updated reading materials. To prevent adverse responses from people, use air purifiers or fresh floral arrangements sparingly. You may also want to put up a few trophies or press reports regarding your work and display them in an open place for enhanced exposure.

Keep Up with Technological Installations

It’s not only boring, but it’s also counterproductive to sit in a waiting area with little to do. Try setting up a tablet, desktop computer, or allowing guests to use your wi-fi to check their emails or read the papers. A wall-mounted television is also an excellent choice.

If you’re anticipating kids to be in your reception area, it would be wise to set up a little recreational space particularly for them. Parents and your employees would appreciate the sensible move to keep the little ones occupied.

As you continue designing the reception area in your office, keep in mind that the reception area must be a perfect balance of formality and hospitality. Its vibe must speak volumes to guests and give them a good impression that will last as they walk out of your office.

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