Many modern restaurant decors, from high-end dining to burger bars and bistros, have one thing in common: metal. Metal restaurant decor made of perforated metal and wire mesh has never been trendier.

Exploring Metal Interiors For Restaurants

Metal is a feast for the senses, whether designers seek to create grandeur and splendor, a modern industrial atmosphere, or an apartment that really shines. Delicious food and quality service may be the basis of any restaurant, but the environment and the atmosphere of the restaurant are vital in making the entire experience blend together. And this is really what makes customers return to the restaurant for more.

Here are a few of our favorite projects using metal interiors for restaurants that demonstrate metal’s flexibility and adaptability in its many shapes.

Tsuru Ton Tan Restaurant

The metal mesh creates a refreshing contrast when it comes to metal interiors for restaurants, like the Tsuru Ton Tan Restaurant in New York. The brilliant and colorful mesh not only looks nice, but they also serve as covers for the air conditioning and ventilation systems! This interior design demonstrates how versatile and functional metal interiors for restaurants can be.


At Fleur, a restaurant in Las Vegas, customers are welcomed with a large shaft of colored metal mesh and seats in white and beige and tables in a warm brown shade. All these elements come together to create a chic yet fresh ambiance for their customers.

Ristorante Maison D’or

The metal mesh hanging from the ceiling of Ristorante Maison D’or in Brescia, Italy is breathtaking. We adore how the product complements the restaurant’s industrial fixtures, such as the copper-colored lights and dark brooding mood. The gold accent provides the restaurant with a sophisticated and grandiose appearance, contributing to the customer’s unique eating experience at this restaurant.

Holt Renfrew – Holt’s Cafe

Holt’s Cafe, located in Toronto, Canada, provides a more subdued eating experience. The metal mesh utilized across the restaurant is the ideal simplistic product, giving the minimalist-themed restaurant a high-end yet industrial, modern edge. In addition to decoration, the metal mesh can function as a partition. Its special mesh structure offers privacy while maintaining natural ventilation and adequate lighting.

The Versatility of the Metal Mesh

Metal mesh is a versatile interior design element. Besides being utilized as decoration like wall coverings, ceilings, and partitions, it also functions well as a safety element such as radiator grilles and balustrade infill panels. It can also be an ideal solution for furniture like bars, cabinets, and shop displays. Metal mesh can also act as a substitute for large, dense materials in lobbies, restaurants, and workplaces to make the space look airy and larger.

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