Because of the pandemic, many of us are still working from home. Being able to sleep in a little later without the need to clock in physically at the open office can be a luxury. However, we cannot deny that it does affect our motivation and productivity levels. Read on as we introduce to you some home office design ideas to consider.

Home Office Design Ideas To Consider

Make Use of the Loft

Do you own a house with a loft? Don’t let the extra space go to waste by leaving it empty or using it as a storeroom. A lower loft office space could be an alternative for homes with vaulted ceilings if you want to make the most out of the space available.

However, to improve work productivity, make sure the elevation of the bespoke table and armchair suits you ergonomically. You’re likely to use it for a long time to come with this ongoing pandemic situation so comfort should take top priority.

Install Accordion Doors

If you don’t have a loft to work with, that’s alright. Instead of using a wall divider to separate work and living space, you can consider replacing it with an accordion door. It doubles the purpose of the work area, despite its simplicity.

You will be able to readily convert an area into a private workroom or make it an extension of your shared area. Accordion doors are great for small-to-medium-sized homes and sit very well among homeowners who enjoy having people over at their humble abode.

Utilize Half-Height Glass Partitions

We understand the challenges of having kids at home while you work. But at the same time, there’s a need to watch over them as you try to multi-task. That is why working parents who need to keep an eye on their children while working remotely can benefit from a half-height glass panel.

Such a home office design aids in visually expanding your interior space while allowing natural light to penetrate. It also sets a distinct demarcation between the office and the common living areas and can help you to concentrate better with muted noise levels.

Have Your Work Table Face Outdoors

We’ve all thought about having an office with a view, so why not make it a reality with work desks that face outdoors? Balconies are one of the best locations in our homes to work because they are filled with ambient daylight.

In actuality, studies have found that natural lighting boosts efficiency and that taking time to gaze at outdoor landscapes can help ease eye strain. Furthermore, each time you arrive at your home office station, you are treated to a sight that is far nicer than a standard desktop background.

While working away from the office has many advantages, it’s critical to set out time to decorate a certain work area of your home for optimum performance. Many of us are working at an improvised home spot in our living area or dining rooms, which are functional but not completely ideal. Take it from our list of home office design ideas to give your current work spot an upgrade!

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