Hospitality design relies greatly on the constructed environment. Guests expect and want a particular experience; therefore, every single detail is important. One trend is that people are starting to want to stay in hotels that feel more like home as if it is a vacation home familiar to them. Hotel designers have to think about the functionality of the hotel design features as well as the warmth of the residential design in order to execute this design successfully. 

Homely Interior Design Ideas For Hotels

What Is the Trend for Hotels?

The idea of a hotel feeling like home was first embraced by extended-stay hotels that were trying to better accommodate their guests. It has gained traction in the industry and has become the design standard. Hotels are adjusting to this trend by redesigning their lobbies and other spaces from classy architectural spaces, to less ostentatious ones. Instead, they create comfortable spaces that are inviting and warm. The feel and design of the rooms still continue to be the main aspect of hotel design.

What Styles Do Hotels Use?

Making each room different from the others will help to give the hotel a natural feel. This is done by changing the layout of each room and also adding unique elements within the space. As a result, the room is made to feel more like a personalized bedroom instead of just another hotel room. Instead of using matching décor and furniture, using mix and match furniture in rooms will provide a cozy feel.

Adding unexpected textures and also incorporating an eclectic style brings new energy and life into a space that people long for. One of the challenges includes making the space unique and memorable while also being comfortable and relaxing. Other than bedding and décor, hotels can use elements such as textured wall panels or ceiling tiles to bring an inviting feel to the space as well.

Hotels Are More Than Just a Place to Stay

The key goal of hotels around the world is now to make the guests feel right at home. Interior design that provides functionality while being warm and welcoming is the best way that hotels can use to succeed. When guests feel comfortable, they are more likely to return for another stay.

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