Research conducted has shown that the interior design of a workplace has direct links to how productive an employee is. Not only does a good interior design increase productivity, it also promotes employee longevity and well-being. On the other hand, poor office design such as odd layouts, inadequate ventilation and noisy work spaces with the lack of privacy can adversely impact the working experience of an employee. The lack of good air ventilation and light results in fogginess, lethargy, and results in the brain performing at a suboptimal level. Read on to find out more about how interior design can improve employee well-being and how you can achieve optimal interior design.


Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

With a healthy and good interior design of the office, the productivity of employees will increase, which in turn boosts productivity for the company. While a good interior design cannot substitute good organizational support, it can help to enhance the general well-being of an employee, such as reducing burnout, and help employees become more efficient. Here are some ways you can achieve a healthy interior design.

Integrate Nature into Your Interior Design

Research has shown that if an interior design allows for both fresh air and daylight, it can help to improve the mental clarity of the employees, and at the same time reduce the level of stress they feel. Hence, integrating nature into your interior design can help the employees feel less stressed out, while giving them a conducive place to work in.

Make the Distinction Between Public and Private Spaces Clear

Recently, open office concepts have been very popular. They are a lower cost solution which makes it easy to facilitate collaboration. However, this means that efficiency, focus and privacy are compromised. To make it the best of both worlds, the office should be designed in such a way that it allows for both solitude and connection. This helps to accommodate different needs, workplace preferences and roles employees take on. Clearly designated areas for public and private spaces that can be accessed by employees can actually help to increase the overall productivity as they are able to use these spaces to execute the unique demands of the work they are engaged in.

Design Spaces for Amenities

While work is important, it is equally important to create space for amenities to promote work-life balance and the general welfare of employees. For example, an on-site gym, kitchen area, wellness rooms, childcare area and private phone rooms are amenities that will be beneficial for workers. This will help to reduce the stress that they feel and support their mental wellbeing and health in the long run. This will also be beneficial for the company as a whole.

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