Several research has shown that using natural-looking wooden surfaces at work can improve employee health and well-being. Study findings indicate that offices that use nature’s oldest material can provide physiological and psychological benefits similar to being outdoors. Additionally, it may boost employee satisfaction, concentration, productivity, clarity, and confidence. Here are some reasons why installing wood walls helps create a healthier workplace.

How Installing Wood Walls Helps Create A Healthier Workplace

Boost Creativity

Colors that are warm and cool, as well as natural materials like wood, have been shown to positively affect creativity. A positive effect was also seen in the ability to solve problems, understand, and think based on these surroundings.

Wellness and Health

There is an increased sense of well-being and productivity among people who work in spaces with high proportions of wooden surfaces. Additionally, they find their workplace more welcoming, energizing, and relaxing.

Whether for reducing blood pressure and heartbeat, or alleviating stress, wood evokes a sense of natural warmth and tranquility. As a result, positive social interactions and increased productivity can be encouraged at all levels of an organization, as well as stress-related absenteeism can be reduced. The key to a happy workplace is a healthy employee!

Elevating Biophilia

Young couple doing apartment repair together themselves
Young couple doing apartment repair together themselves. Married man and woman doing home makeover or renovation. Concept of relations, family, love. Laid laminate flooring, smiling, look happy.

Mixing wood surfaces with other biophilic elements, such as plants and natural light, enhances workspaces significantly. A rise in oxygen and the presence of natural light produce similar physical responses; a feeling of alertness is provided by an increase in oxygen and an increase in melatonin due to the existence of natural light. In short, nature helps us relax and feel good.

Mood Improvement

Almost everyone feels warm when they are around wood. There is generally a positive association with wood due to its smell, touch, and feel. The results of a survey conducted by five different countries’ building experts and the general public in 2017 reveal this. A separate study found that wood surfaces that are natural and smooth are better than wood surfaces that are coated. Even a short period of exposure to a natural environment can improve moods!

Maintaining a Stable Humidity

In indoor environments, air humidity should be within a certain range. For health reasons, it is important to stay within these ranges (40% – 70% relative humidity). When humidity is maintained within the right range, allergies, respiratory infections, bacteria, and viruses cannot spread.

This is where wood comes to the rescue! Wood paneling surfaces provide better moisture buffering than interior plaster, which is less able to absorb moisture. The ideal air humidity can be maintained for longer periods of time when this is achieved.

Keep on with Trend

Wood is increasingly being used in modern offices for fixtures and furnishings because people are beginning to realize how important nature is to us. In addition to its timeless quality, wood is also a fantastic choice as a finishing material in your office that complements both your interior design and tells the story of your organization’s history.

So, if you are considering featuring wood furnishings in your office for profound health benefits, reach out to the friendly team at Materials Inc and get top-notch quality wood.

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