It is not uncommon today, in the meeting rooms and lobbies of hotels, to see beautiful moss wall installations. But why limit the use of a moss wall to just lobbies and meeting rooms? Why not include one in some of the guestrooms or in all of them? Why do we stress the use of moss installations for hotels? Truth be told, there are several hotel challenges that can be solved through the use of moss designs. Namely: aesthetics, sounds, and odors. 

How Moss Installations Help Hotels Deal With Common Problems

In Airbnb locations, bed-and-breakfasts, motels, and hotels, these challenges can and do present a problem. To provide a more pleasant guest experience, and assure return traffic, moss walls can be extremely helpful. For the record, even though you probably picture the color green when you think of moss, today’s moss wall installations do come in several colors.

Let’s look at how the challenges just mentioned are met through the use of moss installations.


There is an aesthetic appeal to a moss wall that is simply undeniable. Let’s face it, some of the art that “adorns” the walls of hotels is, at best, questionable. Sure, the creation of a space that’s visually appealing is the goal of the designer or decorator. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to cater to the artistic taste of one and all.

A study was done during which “art” was removed from the walls of a well-known hotel and, in its place, moss wall installations were created. The aesthetic appeal was commented on by a number of guests.

Note: It may surprise you to discover that the durability of these walls is exceptional – if you were concerned about that. If an area is damaged, it can be easily replaced. Moss walls have numerous benefits over photographs and paintings and are just as sturdy.


If you’ve stayed in a hotel or motel, you’ve undoubtedly overheard conversations and more coming from other rooms: slamming doors, crying babies, you name it. Some disconcertingly undesirable sounds may have awakened you out of sound sleep or, even worse, made you feel marginally uncomfortable.

As an exceptional soundproofing material, moss walls are superb. With no need for maintenance, they significantly reduce noise. (Using compressed air, a little bit of light dusting may occasionally be required as maintenance. Think of that little can of compressed air you use to clean your computer keyboard.)


Rather than an overpowering scent of pine, “fresh linen”, citrus, or what have you, it is far better that a neutral smell be present in your hotel. Cleaning solutions, the perfume or cologne of a guest, and more can permeate the furniture, carpeting, etc. in guest rooms. Odors are not only mitigated by moss but the air can be cleaned of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

In a test, everything from cigarette smoke to bacon grease to cologne was successfully mitigated through the use of moss, leaving the room smelling neutral and fresh.

Use Only The Highest Quality Materials for Your Hotel Design

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