If you have invested in a new property, you will notice that the acoustics of the rooms may not meet your standards. The same audio system playing the same material can make a totally different sound. If you have yet to place any furnishings, the hollow space is the main reason why this issue is happening. Find out several ways to enhance room acoustics.

Soundproof room interior , 3d render image

Simple Furnishings

It is generally possible to determine whether a place has good room acoustics without having to record down complex measurements. For instance, bare walls are usually bad news which is the blank canvas that most of us are left with upon relocating. A room that is full of curtains, carpeting, and upholstery is better when it comes to sound absorption. As for modern and minimalistic styles, excessive reflections of soundwaves are bound to take place. However, by simply introducing carpeting as part of the floor design, the problem can be easily resolved.

There is also another simple option which does not incur additional costs. It is to place your sofa just half a meter from the decorative wall instead of directly against it. This will create a buffer area that essentially works to absorb sound. An additional step you can take is to use curtains which is better at sound absorption as compared to blinds.

For larger rooms, the sound inside often feels massive due to the abundance of space. Here, you can make use of diffusers to scatter the sound around to create a lively effect. Diffusers can range from a variety of items that have irregular surfaces. You can consider a stacked bookshelf, a television cabinet, and others. There is also the option of purpose-built diffusers which can be bought directly from manufacturers. These diffusers help to create surface irregularities which have been designed with mathematical precision with the main purpose of levelling the frequency range.

Ceiling Treatments

The ceiling is also an essential part of a room that can aid sound absorption. However, the ceiling cannot be treated with decorative items or furniture. How can we address this surface? You can employ professional help if you wish for sound to be reflected off the ceiling. A typical ceiling treatment method can be seen in most concert halls that make use of either the reflection, diffusing, or absorption technique. Depending on the type of sound you intend to play, the size of the treatment will vary accordingly.

Room Changes

It is much easier than most people think when it comes to producing better sound absorption. A livelier room can be achieved by combining a number of basic guidelines together. Simply start off by placing several furnishings inside the empty space and put up curtains and carpets for additional back-up. Follow up with items that can help create irregularities on the wall such as a bookshelf, TV cabinet, and others. After putting together these basic guidelines, you will find yourself working in a room full of lively sounds.

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