Condominium living is appealing for many reasons. New condo homeowners, regardless of how many amenities are provided, frequently do run into a slight snag. Condominium interior can provide space constraints that owners aren’t used to. There is limited space to work within most condos. In many cases, you do not have the option of physically expanding the space inside a condominium. It can be a costly endeavor and may not even be allowed by the association.

Light filled floor plan boasts a modern family room design with panoramic view of downtown Seattle.

So, visually expanding your condo becomes the next best option. With tricks of the trade from interior designers, the following will demonstrate how you can make the inside of your condominium look bigger than it actually is. Additionally, some space savers will be recommended.

Put Yourself into a Vertical Frame of Mind

Make the most of any space. If you’re considering the installation of a bar counter, for example, think about going with something not quite as tall. Rather, opt for an area that would offer more comfort – one in which to drink and dine with your friends. A breakfast nook will work wonderfully and can contain a wine rack, if desired, for both decoration and functionality.

Some condos have areas with platform storage. With a simple lifting mechanism, the area can be turned into a much more functional space that will be perfect for a chit chat corner, guestroom, or afternoon tea.

Strategic Use of Mirrors

Interior designers commonly use mirrors to visually expand a space. It is essential, however, to use mirrors strategically due to the limited amount of space in a condo.

Mirrored walls and/or strategically placed mirrors can achieve the effect you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions:

  • As a statement piece, instead of a painting, try using a mirror. They come in all colors and shapes and can be a design’s focal point or more functional.
  • Tinted mirrors are becoming popular home decor tools for those interested in trendy interior design. They usually come in bronze, rose-gold, or black.
  • Mirrors that are multi-functional and versatile should not be confined to just the bathroom or bedroom vanities. They can conceal doors and visually expand spaces.

Vertical Space Leverage

Compared to some flats, a higher ceiling is present in most executive condominiums and regular condominiums. That means there is an availability of vertical space. Platform storage beds commonly come to mind when people think about vertical space. Without making your place look claustrophobic and bulky, the vertical space inside condos can be maximized. Without invading on floor space, less clutter is created by leveraging on vertical spaces.

 Here are some suggestions:

  • Top hung cabinets or floating storage cabinets – For condo owners with kids, top hung cabinets (floating storage cabinets) work great. Not only does this free up more floor space but, if you have things that need to be out of the reach from children, this is a fantastic storage space for such items.
  • Customized storage settee – This can be a dual-purpose area and serve as a perfect space for decluttering the area where you do most of your living. It also can function well as a nice spot for a relaxing afternoon cup of tea.

Whatever design you feel suits your lifestyle the best, you can find attractive and durable materials for the interior of your condo at Materials Inc. Whether it’s your flooring, walls, or the ceiling in your condominium, we have a wide selection of choices.

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