2021 has been an eventful year for some, and most for others, with lots of time spent at home. When it comes to making your home as cozy and comfortable as possible especially when it times of pandemic, interior design plays a huge role. Here are some of the most popular color trends of 2021 that might get you get inspired on your interior design project!


Black and White

One of the most outstanding color schemes of 2021, black and white is timeless, a classic and you can never go wrong with it. With the dramatic contrast, they are just simply eye catching. Black and white is also sophisticated while the combination is stark and bright. The best part of selecting black and white is the wide range of choices available for home renovation projects so there are no limitations in the combinations you might want to choose. For a visually engaging floor space especially the hallway, you can opt for black and white tiles. You can even choose between smooth or textured materials, or even glossy or matte for the perfect finish whether it is for your furniture, walls or flooring! The possibilities are endless here.

Olive Green

Green has been trending recently and is especially popular for people searching for another option for a refreshing variation from all the warm tones that have been popular for a long time. Olive green has a personality of its own, yet such an accommodating color that works well with a wide range of other colors. Whether you are looking at putting it together with similar or contrasting tones, they usually work out well together and have a touch of nature and gentleness to the interior. While having a distinct style, it does not overwhelm and in fact complement other colors especially gold, naturals and neutrals.


A fun, playful yet gentle color, blush has been labelled as one of the interior design must-haves in 2020. Its soft and mild shade of pink may be mellow and not as striking and loud as other shades of pink, but it gives your space a tinge of warmth and coziness without overwhelming you. in addition, they go well with many other colors especially warm tones, neutrals or metallics depending on the feel you are going for. With blush, your home will not only look modern, it will also be inviting.

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