When it comes to choosing the best design for your restaurant, the number of options out there may make you feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of decisions you will have to make, one of the major ones being your restaurant’s design. Here are some interior design and decoration ideas that we have narrowed down for you to consider.

Interior design ideas for restaurants

Incorporating Typography

When typography is done well, it will help enhance the outlook of the restaurant significantly. Typography includes marquee letters, bold graphics, diagrams, charts and more. One of the more popular design ideas today are old school neon signs. You can opt to have one made with a custom quote to help contribute to an easy going and casual vibe at the restaurant.

Wall Art or Murals

Another idea you can consider is to hire an artist you adore to help create a mural on your restaurant wall. This helps to make your business a lot more Instagram-worthy, and will attract hipsters and trendy people who are looking for an Insta-worthy place to spend their afternoon. If there is not enough space within the restaurant for a mural, you can consider placing it on the exterior of your restaurant instead.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not only beautiful, but they also help to purify the air in your restaurant. They can create a calming and relaxing vibe in your restaurant, and makes your entire space seem fresh. Not to mention, they will definitely look good and appealing in pictures too.

Themed Restaurant

A themed restaurant is another restaurant you can consider. These days, themed restaurants have become popular amongst tourists and locals. Famous ones include those themed after Hello Kitty, Gudetama and more.

A Minimalist Restaurant

If you are looking to set up a restaurant that looks clean and clutter-free, then you should opt for décor that gives you clean lines with simple colors. You can also incorporate natural materials to help contribute to the entire minimalistic vibe. Although a minimalistic vibe may sound easy to achieve, it is actually more difficult as people who enter your restaurant will notice every little detail.

Take Note of the Lighting

One of the most important things that helps to create the ambience in your restaurant is the lighting. Before you choose what lights to include, you need to consider the type of feeling you want your guests to have in your restaurant. Warmer lights can help your guests feel more comfortable and more at home, while cooler lights may give off a more high-end vibe. You should also consider the energy efficiency of your lights.

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