Are you a small retail shop owner looking for interior design ideas? It can be incredibly difficult to work with limited space. However, it can be possible to maximize your space if you design your retail shop strategically. Continue reading for some simple and affordable interior design ideas that will help small retail shops to flourish!

Interior Design Ideas For Small Retail Shops

Use an Accent Wall

Accent walls are an effective way to make your shop look larger. You can paint one wall in a bold color to create an illusion of receding in space. This affordable design choice will help to spice up the design of your store. As an alternative, you can also use colorful wallpaper or printed fabric on a wall.

Window-like Effects

You can create the illusion of windows by placing white linen panels across one wall. Using drapes next to long, vertical mirrors will also help to create a feeling of a larger space. This will make your retail shop feel less stuffy.

Maximize Vertical Space

If you’re a small retail shop, utilizing vertical space will be a great way to display more merchandise and appeal to your customers. For example, you can place hanging shelves at different levels and display products on them. Additionally, you can also utilize drapes and hang decorations from the ceiling to bring attention to the top of your retail shop, making the store feel larger.

Avoid Cluttering

Cluttering your merchandise together can create a very busy and distracting look. Make sure to provide some space so your products look elegant instead of resembling a flea market. You can avoid a cluttered look by utilizing neutral shades of colors, such as gray or ivory for larger items such as furniture. You can then accent the space with smaller items that have bright colors, such as pillows and vases.

Think Creative

Shelving is not the only way to display products. You can also use other creative ways to make the most of your wall space and display products. For example, you can buy a large painting frame with a blank canvas and use it as a giant corkboard. You’ll be able to pin products such as jewelry and other small items on top. It will create a unique design that sets you apart from the competition.


Illuminating your space effectively will also be a great way to make your shop look bigger. A dimly lit store will look cramped and dreary. You can use a combination of sconces, track lights, picture lights, and lamps to create a unique look and ensure that every corner of your store is well lit. These different layers of light will add flair to your shop and make your products more presentable.

Design Your Retail Shop with Materials Inc.

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