What do you do when you have a small bedroom in the house and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it? Many people think that a small bedroom can only offer a small variety of purpose, but we beg to differ. Even with a small space, there is so much potential to transform it into a space with personality and style!


Keep it Simple

Sticking to a simple layout for your room is always key to creating space. Putting the bed against the middle of the main wall may be common, but the layout allows room to walk on either side which gives your room flow which in turn makes the room more spacious.

Create the Illusion of Space

Placing items in your room to bring the eye up plays a huge role in making small bedrooms appear to be higher and bigger. One classic example includes selecting curtains where the fabric matches the wall color, another would be hanging drapery very closely to the ceiling. When your eyes are not distracted by contrasting colors, it will give the illusion of space in your room.

Throw out the Clutter

Keeping your room clean and tidy would make your room appear more spacious. A space crowded with things will never uplift a room, it is always a rule of thumb to keep out clutter that is unnecessary, even accessories.

Add in a Touch of Nature

Bringing in some of the outdoor tend to give life to your space. By placing plants in your room, they make your space feel fresh. Putting something vertical like a tall plant or even a small potted indoor tree can bring the eye up and make the space appear bigger than it actually is.

Bring in Light

To prevent your space from feeling claustrophobic and dark, adding in a lot of light is very important. Regardless the shade and color you choose as the theme of your room, light is always the key factor to giving you the illusion of a bigger space. Apart from beautiful lighting such as pendant lights, giving more lights such as a floor lamp or bedside table lamps work wonders too.

Choose Décor that Offers More than One Purpose

Selecting décor that can also function as something else gives us more space for the essentials. Some popular double duty pieces include mirrors that come with shelves, or large nightstands with drawers. With these pieces, you get more room to put other pieces that accentuate your style or to simply serve other needs.

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