Even when working with a professional designer, it can be difficult to decorate your home. To create a comfortable interior that reflects a homeowner’s taste, it takes time to blend pieces that are scaled to the rooms, fit with the architecture, and have the right balance for all the occupants.

Interior Design Tips That Will Never Go Out Of Style

The best kind of interior design tells a story about the residents. It explains who lives there, what they enjoy doing, where they’ve traveled, and even their hopes and aspirations. In order to create the perfect home for yourself and your entire family, here are some interior design tips that will help you decorate your home in a way that never goes out of style.

Understand What Everyone Needs

Before you begin to paint walls or buy new furniture, one of the best interior design tips is to first understand what your family needs and who they are. Ask questions such as, what makes you smile? What was your favorite vacation? What colors do you prefer: soft and soothing or light and bright? How do you want to use this room – as a quiet space for reading and studying or for spirited conversations and playing games? Do you want this area to be more formal or casual? Each of these questions and answers will help you get to know what makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.

Get Personal

Some of the best items to use to decorate your home are what you’ve collected over the years: children’s artwork, souvenirs from travels, sports trophies, your grandmother’s china, etc. Don’t let your home look like a hotel lobby with everything all “matchy-matchy” and impersonal. Displaying special mementos makes a home warm and welcoming. Another good interior design tip is to not put everything out all at once. Consider rotating a few items throughout the year to keep the room feeling fresh.

Don’t Copy Others

Decorating a home is very individual and particular to a family. Don’t be too trendy or copy someone else’s design, because that way, your décor will be short-lived and look dated very quickly. Following your own taste will keep your home timeless. It’s easier to update small things like pillows, throw rugs, or bedspreads rather than remodeling an entire room or purchasing different furniture.

However, if you are renovating, pick materials and finishes that ages well and will last. Things like marble, hardwood floors, neutral tile, etc., are good choices. Look at things that have stood the test of time already.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Another interior design tip is to mix traditional with modern, trendy with conventional, familiar with unusual. Experiment with different décor mixes until you find something you love. Sprinkle a few touches here and there around the room to give it a fresh and fun ambiance.  A home’s interior design should reflect all the personalities in the house.

By following your own story when you decorate, you’ll always have a timeless and welcoming home, one that never goes out of style.

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