Designing a kitchen may seem easy because you feel you have been in various kitchens in your lifetime. However, it may not be as easy as you think because of the many design elements that you have to consider before getting a fantastic kitchen design.

If you know some kitchen interior design basics, you will be able to understand the best elements for your kitchen and how to manage them properly to get your desired design scheme. With the knowledge of the basics, you will know how to unify the kitchen appliances, flooring, and furniture to make a seamless kitchen design. In this article, we explore the basics of interior design for a kitchen.

Scale and Proportion

Being conscious of proportion and scale in a kitchen can help you ensure that the sizes of items in the kitchen are relative to each other. It will prevent you from having things that will be too small or too big for your kitchen. Proper sizing comes in your design to make sure that all the constituents of your kitchen fit one another and maintain a relative space in the kitchen.

For example, if you have a narrow space with high ceilings for a kitchen, you should try to create tall cabinets to complement the high ceiling. The tall cupboards will make the kitchen feel larger. However, if you build short cabinets and leave free space in the high ceilings, the kitchen will look cramped and disproportional. Contrastingly, if you have a wide area with low ceilings, the most reasonable thing would be to build low cabinets to accentuate the vast space and maintain the proper proportions.


Although you may not actively consider symmetry in a place, you would have had an odd feeling while entering an asymmetrical area. This feeling happens to almost everyone, so people entering your kitchen will immediately know if it’s asymmetrical. If there’s too much space in one part of the kitchen, people will notice.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you understand symmetry before beginning any interior design in your kitchen. When your kitchen is well-balanced, you will get a sense of composure and security when entering it. You can design a symmetrical room from the center by making it the point around which you measure everything else.

Proper Use of Focal Points

When you enter a room, large items usually get your attention immediately. These items are known as focal points. Due to their characteristic of being easily noticeable, it’s essential that you use interesting designs for your focal points.

You don’t want a visitor to have a poor first impression of your kitchen; thus, you can design your focal points with two-toned color schemes, traditional solid designs, or elegant modern wood designs. Whatever method you use, make sure it’s inspiring and beautiful.

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