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For all things architectural related, you can be sure that Materials Inc. will deliver. Our team of experts has the impressive ability to transform your building into a haven, no matter what type it might be. We have been providing our customers in Iowa and the neighboring areas with specialized manufacturing techniques and quality adaptation capacity since 2000. We take pride in seeing the satisfied look on our clients’ faces at the end of each project we handle.

Nick-named “The Hawkeye State,” Iowa has a population of roughly 2,830,000 people and ranks 23rd in land area and 30th in population. Its capital is Des Moines, and its name originates from an American Indian tribe. As per statistics, there are more hogs than people in it, and hens in the state produce the most eggs in the US. It ranks first in grain, beef, soybean, corn, and pork production. It’s also a hub for wooly mammoth bones and has an island city, Sabula, and roughly 570 people populate it. Shawn Johnson, Johnny Carson, Hill Harper, and Ashton Kutcher are some famous Iowans.

What We Offer in Iowa

Decorative Surfaces in IA: At the moment, we have decorative surfacing solutions such as fashionable panels and lightweight panels in our inventory for commercial and residential walls and ceilings.

Decorative Flooring in IA: Our vast array of decorative flooring options is designed to appeal to suit various types of floors.

Woven Metal Meshing in IA: With our pleasant and versatile woven metal textile and expanded metal panels, you can bring out the best in your cozy building.

Wooden Architectural Products in IA: Our captivating wooden architecture solutions are available for your use. Charred wood veneer, natural birchbark tiles, and textured interlocking wood planks are some of the gems we offer.

Wood Veneers in IA: Our decorative fine wood veneers and sustainable wood veneers are perfect for improving the look of your building.

Types of Clients Materials Inc. Serves in Iowa

At Materials Inc., we have been serving a diverse clientele in Iowa for over two decades. Below is a list:

  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Institutional
  • Multi-Family
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Tradeshows
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Salons and Spas

Why Should You Utilize and Install Architectural Products in Iowa?

What’s in an establishment that attracts customers? Is it the quality of customer service? The impressive outward appearance of the organization? Not as much as the walls and floors of the rooms. Architectural products can take your business to the next level.

By applying the right architectural products, you capture more clients and help them feel at ease in your space.

Get Quality Architectural Products in Iowa from Materials Inc.

Unmatched customer service, the best architectural and interior design products at wholesale prices, and peace of mind are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you work with us.

We’ve been in business for 20 years, therefore granting us the capability to transform the look of your building as per your requirements.

If you have questions about our interior design and architectural products in Iowa, do not hesitate to contact us today. You may call Materials Inc. at 201.968.0101 or send an email to

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