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For the two decades we’ve been around, Materials Inc. has grown as the number one supplier of superior decorative products to Louisiana and nearby areas. Through our continuous hunger for improvement, we seek to offer more than what our clients expect of us. Aside from our in-house CAD expertise, Materials Inc. has a lot to offer to both residential and business owners. We mostly deal with clientele from different industries, including corporate offices, healthcare agencies, corporate offices, and many more.

Louisiana is located in the United States’ Deep South region along the Gulf of Mexico and is the 25th most populous state in the country. The state covers a total land area of approximately 47,751 square miles, with a population of over 4.7 million. In the 1700s and 1800s, a majority of Louisiana’s economy was rooted in agriculture, with cotton as the primary crop. Among the biggest employers in the state include CenturyLink and Ochsner Health System,

What We Offer in Louisiana

Decorative surfaces in LA: We offer endless modern surfacing solutions for residential and commercial walls and ceilings. Some of our innovative walls and ceiling products include stylish panels, concrete/rust sheets, lightweight panels, and so on.

Decorative Flooring in LA: Trust us to be your number one source for all your flooring needs. We have a lot to offer, including dynamic porcelain tile, wood grain porcelain, and so much more.

Woven Metal Meshing in LA: At Materials Inc., we have everything you need to enhance the appearance of your building as well as its growth potential.

Wooden Architectural Products in LA: We have a variety of natural and innovative architectural solutions. We have everything from embossed wood panels, interlocking wood planks, charred wood veneer, birchbark tiles, and so on.

Wood Veneers in LA: To transform your space, take advantage of our trendy fine wood veneers or our sustainable wood veneers.

Types of Clients Materials Inc. Serves in Louisiana

At Materials Inc., we have been serving a diverse clientele in Louisiana for over two decades. Below is a list:

  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Salons and Spas
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Residential
  • Tradeshows
  • Retail
  • Multi-Family
  • Institutional

Why Should You Utilize and Install Architectural Products in Louisiana?

Among the essential elements to our business operations is to provide our clients with unmatched service and support. Our sales force is always on the move to ensure speedy planning and construction projects. For two decades now, we have been at the forefront of improving our operating strategies to offer valuable services to all our clients.

Get Quality Architectural Products in Louisiana from Materials Inc.

Materials Inc. is recognized as the number one architectural and interior design brand due to our staff’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We are credited by the American Institute of Architects, the Retail Design Institute, the National Wood Flooring Association, and the Forest Stewardship Council. When working with us, rest assured you’re dealing with the best.

If you have questions about our interior design and architectural products in Arizona, do not hesitate to contact us today. You may call Materials Inc. at 201.968.0101 or send an email to info@materials-inc.com.

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