If you work in the hospitality industry, you would know that even the most famous hoteliers can make silly hospitality design mistakes. With massive globalization in this era, people are becoming more and more well-travelled. As such, it is important for people in hospitality to ensure a memorable experience for customers. These hospitality design mistakes might be small, but we should never underestimate the impact it might have on customers’ impressions of your brand. However, you would be happy to know that these mistakes are completely avoidable under the right guidance. This article will talk about some hospitality design mistakes to avoid.

avoid hospitality design mistakes

Inappropriate Furniture

It is essential that your choice of furniture is appropriate and compatible with the style and aesthetic of the space. For example, if we are talking about changing the design of a luxury hotel, there is no way that an economical looking piece of furniture will suit the style of the hotel. The furniture that you choose to adorn the rooms must also suit the needs of the customer. It has to serve as a source of comfort and must be matching to the colors and patterns that are already in the room. Additionally, we have to consider the dimensions of the furniture. There is nothing more frustrating than buying furniture to find out that it does not fit in the space it was meant to be in. If you were to purchase furniture, do ensure that it will match the different surfaces of the room or the wooden panelling.

Improper Utilization of Space

It goes without saying that guest rooms have to feel homely to hotel guests. At the very least, it should provide the amenities and comforts that guests can typically find in their own homes. Therefore, you are responsible for providing your guests with the comforts of everyday life, and fitting these comforts in small spaces. While you should make the most out of the space that you have, you also need to be mindful of utilizing the space optimally, meaning that you do not leave space wasted.

Poor Lighting

In the guestrooms, you should always ensure that there is adequate lighting that can suit the mood. Lighting has the power to completely alter the mood of your guests and should be carefully curated so that each room has dedicated light sources. Always remember that lighting should provide your guests with as much utility as possible. This could mean a simple lamp for the desk in the room or even reading lights that would increase the comfort levels if your guest were to read in bed. The lighting should also come with dimming options so that it can be adjusted according to its function.

Inadequate Electricity

With advancements in technology, chances are that guests will be bringing their own devices and appliances that require charging by electricity. This means that we need to cater for this by having enough power points in strategic areas so that guests can easily charge their devices. You should definitely provide your guests with several charging and USB points so that they can work if they want to.

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