If you are choosing materials to use in the interior of a home or office space, you might be wondering about whether you should choose acrylic embossed sheets or traditional glass. While acrylic embossed sheets are an alternative to mineral glass, they have distinct benefits that make them more suitable for different situations. However, for many applications, it is better to use acrylic embossed sheets. Read on to find out some of the advantages that acrylic have over glass.

Materials Spotlight: Acrylic Embossed Sheets


Traditional glass is dense and weighs two times as heavy as acrylic. On the other hand, acrylic embossed sheets are lightweight, which makes them a popular alternative to glass in a wide range of applications, including roofing and glazing. For those who want to work on DIY projects, acrylic embossed sheets are a better choice than glass because they are lighter. This makes them easier to work with and control.


Acrylic is a highly efficient material for insulation. In fact, acrylic is 20% more effective in decreasing temperature flux than glass. This means that warm air from one side of acrylic embossed sheets can pass on heat less easily than does traditional glass. Hence, using acrylic embossed sheets can help in temperature regulation and reduces air-conditioning or heating bills.


Acrylic is a highly durable and robust material that can be used in most applications. Being weather resistant, acrylic embossed sheets are suitable to be used in glazing or outdoor projects. In fact, they offer up to two decades of use without deterioration in most weather conditions. In terms of impact resistance, acrylic is up to 20 times tougher than glass. For applications that involve security and safety, acrylic is often used to replace glass because acrylic is more resistant to impact. Even when acrylic is broken, it does not shatter. On the flip side, glass is very fragile even if it is made into thick sheets. When broken, glass shards can be very sharp and dangerous, unless the glass has been tempered.


Acrylic offers better light transmittance than glass as it allows more light to pass through while still filtering out UV light. When glazing glass, there can be some cloudiness in the glass as it gets thicker. This reduces the transparency of glass. However, acrylic does not have this characteristic when thicker acrylic sheets are used.


Acrylic embossed sheets are often more cost-effective than traditional glass. This is because acrylic is much lighter than glass, which makes transportation cost less. When paired with the advantages it has over glass, it is not wonder that many people choose to use acrylic instead.

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