Regardless of whether you are looking for interior design ideas for residential or commercial purposes, you should consider implementing metal mesh. It is made of woven metal yarns that consist of copper and cotton. These fabrics are extremely flexible, which means you can bend them into your desired shape. Furthermore, you will be glad to know that they are resistant to stains and non-flammable as well. Essentially, metal mesh can be a great addition to any home or office because of the texture and modern aesthetic that it creates.


While metal mesh looks visually pleasing, it can also have some splendid functional features. For example, it can work as an enhancement for stairs and act as railings which we can hold for better safety. Metal mesh products can also act as great partitions for spaces. It is an attractive and yet effective option for cordoning off certain areas from people without completely closing off the space and making it seem too intimidating.

Decorative Uses

These days, interior designers have learnt to capitalize on the decorative uses of metal mesh products. Metal mesh can be used to layer over walls and ceilings, and even cover windows. This is a modern and eye-catching way to add various textures and depth to your favorite room. Furthermore, it can be an effective backdrop for displaying your products in the store. This makes much more sense than using space-wasting and bulky partitions in your restaurant or office without making the space seem more cramped.

Furniture Applications

When you purchase metal mesh, you need to take advantage of how durable and beautiful it is. In fact, it can even work as decorative pieces for your furniture. You can accent your coffee tables, cupboards and chairs with metal mesh because it is extremely resistant to wear-and-tear and can be cleaned very easily. You can also use metal mesh to create wire shelves to place your precious wine and china. You can find many different ideas for metal mesh applications on the internet. Essentially, decorative metal mesh can be very useful to all interior designers. You can choose from a variety of different metals, styles and sizes.


Using metal mesh can also offer you with acoustic benefits. You can mix your metal mesh with other panels and ensure that the space is soundproofed. It is important that you understand that metal mesh is also very versatile because it can be used in conjunction with other styles of décor and flooring in the selected space. You can completely change the atmosphere when the acoustics of a space are altered. As such, it can be utilized in places where there is heavier human traffic and where it will make sense for sounds to be dampened. An example of this could be a busy road or even a crowded store. Furthermore, the aesthetic might change according to the mood that you are going for. For example, you can use decorative metal mesh to create a lighter and more playful ambience, while architectural steel wire mesh might be used purely for its functional purposes.

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