Wood is being used everywhere and in our everyday lives. When one is doing their homework or signing papers, wood is utilized all the time.


However, wood is a precious resource where it takes years to grow a tree and extract wood from. Thus, we turn to sustainable veneers which have the same properties of wood and work just as well.

What Are Veneers?

Veneer means woodworking. It is a slice of thin wood which comes from the tree, that is used for sealing purposes and stabilization. When one is constructing something with furniture or built-in mechanisms, it would be vital to use a veneer. 

In a single tree, there are tons of veneers which could be produced from in comparison to extracting normal wood from trees that will take a long time, providing us with only a limited amount of wood.

In hindsight, ancient Egyptians decided to come up with a technique called veneering, to protect highly valued species of wood and take advantage of them.

By using this technique, none of the materials from trees would be put to waste as it takes up all 100 per cent of the tree’s raw materials with the help of chipboards and MDF combined.

How Do We Get Sustainable Veneers?

Sustainable wood veneers come from huge trees that grow together in a bunch. They are then extracted from those trees into tiny pieces and thin slices. Through this process, no material from the tree would be left behind as a huge number of wood surfaces can be produced from a singular tree.

The use of this methodology is highly suggested from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as it protects trees even more compared to the use of raw materials where there would be plenty of waste.

Once extracted and bonded, the wood veneer gets its durability and tardiness, as it has been glued to a solid core panel. In order to further lessen and reduce waste and consumption of natural resources, recycled chipboard or MDF’s would be used.

Common Sustainable Wood Veneer Applications

There are many uses for Sustainable Wood Veneers. Due to its nature of adopting the patterns from all sorts of trees they come from, the veneers already have their own unique design, which came from the tree it was cut. From the name itself, these veneers and its design would last for a long time.

For instance, wood veneers could be used for office décor, where it gives a beautiful earthy touch and homey tone that creates the office to look good even if it was build years ago since they are a type of material that is easy to maintain and will not decompose easily.

As mentioned before, wood veneers come from all types of trees, which shows that they have different types of patterns accompanied by them. These trees range from maple, oak as well as cherry and ash, that are rare hardwood species. The wood veneers adopt the specific grain patterns and colours which make them stand out from normal wood.

Other applications of these kinds of wood veneers can be found in floorings, walls, tables, and even ceilings for some cases.

Materials Inc. for Sustainable Wood Veneers

Sustainable natural wood veneers easily give off a warm feel and beauty so that one’s office and home would look fresh as always. Through investing in these wood veneers, not only would you gain a stunning interior design, but also save the environment greatly.

Check out all of the selections of sustainable wood veneers we have in-store today! If you cannot decide on which wood veneer would suit the tone and aesthetics of your ideal home or office, consult us and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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