Before you decide whether or not wide plank flooring is a good fit for your home, your lifestyle, etc., let’s define the term. Sold in planks that are usually wider than the standard 2 ½ to 4-inch-wide boards that most wood flooring market pieces are comprised of, “wide plank flooring” consists of flooring made of solid wood – no surprise. Where the hardwood flooring market is concerned, this kind of flooring is a relatively small subset. Today, wider planks up to 4 inches wide are used for numerous hardwood flooring types. “Wide plank flooring” can currently include boards that range from 20 inches in width at most, down to 6 inches in width.


Today Versus Yesterday

Hand scraped, solid wood boards were used to make vintage wide plank flooring boards. Therefore, they had a surface texture typically described as “rough-hewn”. Today, you can purchase wide plank flooring boards that use reclaimed wood or are reclaimed boards. Numerous manufacturers, however, are reproducing the rough-hewn, vintage, distressed texture on new boards. The identical smooth texture seen on other hardwood flooring can also be the applied finish to newly manufactured wide planks.


Compared to other forms of wood flooring, the more expensive choice would be genuine wide plank floors. The reason behind this has everything to do with labor and materials. To eliminate gapping between boards, match the wood grains, and choose the right pieces, it takes a good amount of skill – particularly when the installation of reclaimed wood is involved.

Cost wise, reclaimed wood plank flooring will be slightly less expensive than newly manufactured, solid hardwood flooring.

Repair and Maintenance

Compared to other wood floors, wide plank floor maintenance is relatively similar. Immediately wipe up spills. Never use a steam or water cleaner. A hardwood floor cleaner and a damp duster is the best cleaning method. Use a polyurethane varnish to periodically seal a wide plank floor.

You’ll probably need a professional if a repair must be done on your wide plank floor. It is possible to renew the boards – to some extent – by sanding and refinishing. But sometimes the damage is beyond repair.

Design and Décor

Not every home, nor every type of decor, will be able to successfully use a vintage wide plank floor look. Homes with a rustic décor or traditionally styled homes are well suited to the distressed/highly textured surfaces and darker tones. With contemporary and modern style homes, however, lighter shades are slowly working their way into fashion. These wide plank flooring pieces are available both distressed and smooth. When floored in wide planks, wood-centric Swedish-style homes look great!

The Ups and Downs of Wide Plank Flooring

As with everything, there are both cons and pros to wide plank flooring. Let’s take a look.


  • In extreme climates, prone to warping
  • Frequently needs to be special ordered
  • Limited availability
  • Relatively expensive


  • Adds real sale value
  • Works well with rustic décor
  • In your home, you can create a classic look
  • Fewer seams

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