In most homes, a timely sophistication is offered by hardwood flooring. The thing is, some wood floors tend to show wear easily, can be costly to maintain, and may come with a shocking price tag. For the right individual and home, however, wood flooring is both highly desirable and recommended.


If you could have the look of wood flooring without the wood, and provide a durable surface, would you choose such a product? The flooring material we are referring to here is wood grain porcelain. It has many benefits over wood and still offers the luxurious look of hardwood.

Wood grain porcelain is becoming a very popular choice as far as flooring for its wide range of styles, ease of cleaning, and durability. But is it right for your business or home? Let’s take a closer look at wood grain porcelain.

The Upside of Wood Grain Porcelain

Durability is a big selling point when it comes to wood grain porcelain flooring. Water damage, scratches, etc. are not uncommon with hardwood floors because they are just so susceptible to damage. But from bathrooms to kitchens to front foyers, these porcelain tiles are relatively easy to install. They will not show foot traffic wear, won’t scratch easily, and look great. When exposed to moisture, they will not swell or warp as they are very water-resistant.

What’s more, it can make space feel larger in open concept homes.

Maintenance Is Easy

To remove debris and dirt from the floor, use a hard floor vacuum or broom. You won’t believe how easy these floors can be maintained. A traditional mop and bucket are usually all you need. When a deeper cleaning is necessary, add a little soapy water and you’re all set. Additionally, this product is also an allergy-friendly and pet-friendly choice.

Lots of Styles

With incredible realism, onto the surface of the tile, wood grain designs are printed using professional inkjet technology. To mimic wood grain, frequently, tile surfaces are textured. Due to the fact that this type of flooring is man-made, woodgrain porcelain tiles come in a vast array of textures, finishes, and colors. Because the selection is so extensive, to elevate the style of any room, it’s simple to find a wood grain porcelain tile that is perfectly designed.

Before You Choose Wood Grain Porcelain, Read This…

There isn’t one, singular flooring type that’s perfect for every person on the planet and every household or business. Some are simply a better fit than others. Here are just a few things to consider before you commit to wood grain porcelain:

  • You may want to use a professional installer rather than trying to make this a DIY project. Among other things, porcelain tile cutting can be tricky.
  • If you’re going to spend a lot of time standing in a room, this may not be the right flooring. It can be cold and hard underfoot. Ergonomic mats and nonslip rug pads can work wonders, however.
  • To keep it in place, grout is required with wood grain porcelain tile floorings. If not cared for properly, grout can start to look dingy or dirty. To refresh your floor’s appearance, thorough grout cleaning is recommended.
  • Over time, chips and scratches may appear on even the most durable floors. In case repairs are needed, be sure to save some extra tiles.

Materials Inc. for Wood Grain Porcelain and Other Porcelain Flooring

Though woodgrain porcelain tiles are an excellent option, at Materials Inc. we have a wide selection of porcelain tiles. We also feature one of today’s most sustainable flooring materials – eco-friendly wood. Our wood flooring comes in a number of selections.

Contact us today with any questions.

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