When you open a café, you have to be prepared for the competition. Many establishments open and close every day and you need to learn how to capture the customers’ attention. Besides the menu and location, the design of the café is also very important to doing so. We want to create a café with a unique concept. So, you should look at current trends in the design of cafés when you are starting your café. Read on to learn more about the modern café designs in 2021.

Modern Cafe Designs In 2021

Retro-Style Design

Today, a retro-style environment appeals to customers as much as the modern ones. Here are the following furniture options that are often used:

  • Laconic chairs made of wood on a metal base
  • Furniture with a velvet upholstery
  • Armchairs with futuristic shapes
  • Tables with rounded corners made of wood
  • Furnishing in soft, calm colors

There is even the trend of mixing old and new furniture. This allows you to create a special design with its own story.

Hand-Made Design

Designers are now emphasizing hand-made and custom-made interior design options for cafés. These techniques help you to create a place with a particular atmosphere so that you can craft your own brand identity. Some common furnishings include:

  • Chairs, stools, and bar counters with hand-made elements
  • Hand-applied creative pattern on the wallpaper
  • Unusual furniture as the highlight
  • Authentic graffiti, murals, and frescoes made by artists

Ceiling Decoration Design

Ceiling decoration is commonly overlooked but it can actually play a very big role in creating a wonderful environment for the customers. If not properly designed, you can risk creating an incomplete and uncomfortable space for your guests. The first method you can use is to maximize the open ceiling space, making the interior more spacious and airier. The second option is to use the overhead space as part of the key design. You may choose to have special installations on the ceiling, such as structures made of metal, wood, or fabric. The ceiling becomes a continuation of the design and offers a unique highlight for your café. One example of a successful ceiling art design is the KIS restaurant in Japan, where the ceiling is designed to be a cloudy sky.

Materials Inc.

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After knowing more about the modern café designs in 2021, you might be excited to start decorating your café. Choose MI design products for your café design and you can be sure to attract many customers. You can contact us to find out more!

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