Rest assured, you’re not alone if you’ve looked around your house recently and exclaimed, “Wow! I have too many books!” It’s a common phenomenon to own/buy more books than you could ever possibly hope to get through in your life. In fact, so common is this practice that the Japanese have a name for it: tsundoku. You’re said to suffer from bibliomania, according to British aristocrats, if you have a pathological passion for books. So, what’s a person to do? The answer to your book dilemma could be as simple as organizing a home library. Sort through your collection of literature with a system to help you rid yourself of household clutter.

Organizing A Home Library Tips And Tricks

Kids And Reading

If kids are in the picture, build them a miniature library to help develop good reading habits early. If you choose, intersperse the books with framed artwork done by your child and some of their beloved toys.

Function And Fashion

Just because you’d like to incorporate both function and fashion into your library doesn’t mean they have to be on opposing sides. You could have an organized and beautiful library without sacrificing style. To create a gallery-like look, incorporate discrete object groupings. 

Example: Display a treasured memento, sculpture, or piece of pottery (a favorite decor item) with a vignette of like-colored books.

Use Convenient Apps

There is an app dedicated to helping catalog your home library. It’s a free site and goes by the name LibraryThing. You may also try other cataloging apps such as GoodReads, My Home Library, or Libib.

Use Sections And Subsections for Groupings

You’ve seen this in the library. Shelves and shelves of science fiction books, history books, etc. But it can be broken down even further to make finding what you’re looking for even easier. Some genres can include literary, mystery, romance, etc. Within these sections, use the last name of the author to alphabetize the books. Further breakdowns can include categories like art, biographies, travel, history, and more.

Example: Break your art grouping down into smaller sections like Expressionism, abstract, Impressionism, neoclassicism, etc.

Use Vertical Space Wisely

Display your collection in bookcases and shelves that work best for the space you have. You can hold twice as many books in a bookcase that’s 36 inches wide as you can and one that’s only 18 inches wide. To maximize your storage potential, look for the tallest bookcases you can find. All you need is a step ladder to access the highest ones. To protect your collection from dust, consider putting glass doors on your bookcases.

Easy Access to Books Most Needed

We referred to really high bookcases. You may choose to put the books you think you’ll seldom use at the highest points. The books you will use most often can either go in a handy place in the library or in an easily accessible place in your bedroom or living room.

A Closer Look at Your Collection

Whether you’ve just started collecting books, have been acquiring them for a while, or have been purchasing books your entire life and simply haven’t been able to part with any of them, you’ll need to take a close, honest look at your collection. Do an inventory. Are there any you want to give away because you think you’ll never read them again or because they are so damaged, they are beyond hope?

If books are moldy, they should absolutely be done away with. Repeats can be donated to any number of organizations. Books you’ve read and didn’t like and will never read again, can also be donated.

Decide how big you want your library to be and go from there.

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