Materials Inc. is a trusted distributor of sustainable and innovative interior design finishes and architectural products. Whether you are looking to get fine wood veneers or thin concrete sheets, we have got you covered. Our company has years of experience serving a diverse clientele in the corporate industry. Enjoy the ease of finding all of the products that are needed to meet your design vision and budget here!

Corporate Interior Design & Architectural Products

Just like residential interior design, the core of corporate design comes from the style it exudes. It is important that you consider the mission and goal of your company so that it can be mirrored in your office interior design. In most cases, the mood of an office or corporate facility is highly influential through one's design choices. Different products have the power to evoke happiness, conversation, and energy.

At a glance, here's what Materials Inc. offers for our clients in the corporate industry:

  • Decorative Surfaces
  • Flooring
  • Metal Architectural Products
  • Wooden Architectural Products
  • Veneers

Product Spotlights

Below are popular products utilized by clients in the corporate industry:

Tabu reconstructed veneers: This type of veneer can add warmth to any office or corporate space. Due to the product's wide range of colors and unique grain character, reconstructed veneers can harmonize with many interior design materials, bring your space to life!

Aria decorative surfaces: From thin concrete sheets to acrylic embossed sheets, Aria decorative surfaces represent the new contemporary spirit of space. Manufactured through cutting-edge technologies and with sophisticated materials, our decorative surface products enhance your space with elegance and refinement.

Listello wood surfaces: The Listello range is extremely well-suited for a wide variety of interior applications, including commercial offices and large corporate buildings.

Choose Materials Inc. for High-Quality Architectural Products for the Corporate Industry

Since our inception in 2000, Materials Inc. has been distributing a wide array of high-quality wood veneers, doors, floors, decorative panels, wood surfaces, and other specialty architectural products at wholesale prices. Due to our unwavering commitment to excellent product quality, we have become a well-respected brand in the Architectural and Interior Design community. This achievement was also possible thanks to the combined efforts of our highly qualified sales team and customer service staff. We help our clients every step of the way when it comes to choosing the right finishes and architectural products.

In addition to providing a high level of customer service, other key elements of our business strategy include fostering long-lasting relationships with partners and customers and providing superior decorative products at a fair price.

Materials Inc.'s clientele is comprised of well-known architects, interior designers, and contractors. To ensure that their construction plans come to fruition on time, we strive to fulfill all of our orders accurately and quickly. By operating a warehouse and an administrative office in Hackensack, New Jersey, Materials Inc. is able to meet changing operational demands.

If you have any questions about our interior design and architectural products for the corporate industry, contact us today. Don't hesitate to call Materials Inc. at 201.968.0101 or email us at