Material Inc. is the wholesale distributor of high-quality interior design finishes and specialty architectural products. We provide an extensive list of products to liven up the aesthetics of your lobby, restaurants and rooms. With over 20 years of experience in the interior design industry, we have helped many clients achieve the desired look for their businesses. Avoid breaking the bank by investing in our competitively priced products today!

Hospitality Interior Design & Architectural Products

It is important to consider the type of mood or style that you would like to portray in a space. Reflecting on your company’s goals and mission statements can help you decide what kind of space you would like to recreate. Whether if it’s something chic or modern looking, you can create an inviting place for your guest as long as you do stick to a certain theme in mind. In most situations, our design choices are based on our preferences. Different designs can invoke different feelings or actions within a person, such as happiness and laughter.

At a glance, here's what Materials Inc. offers for our clients in the hospitality industry:

  • Decorative Surfaces
  • Flooring
  • Metal Architectural Products
  • Wooden Architectural Products
  • Veneers

Product Spotlights

Below are popular products utilized by clients in the hospitality industry:

Elements Gravitas: With earthy tones and textures from nature, you can recreate a rather relaxing and tranquil atmosphere for your guest with element gravitas decorative surfaces. This is especially so for beachside hotels and accommodations.

Alluminio porcelain tile: The Alluminio design is really well-suited to recreate a modern and clean finish to rooms, especially for hotel lobbies and restaurants.

Metal Mesh: Metal surfaces in general can help to project a modern feel to a space. Besides having LEED certification, our metal mesh is also moisture resistant, ensuring that our textile is durable enough.

Get High Quality Architectural Products for the Hospitality Industry Today

Material Inc. distributes high-quality and excellent interior design finishes and other specialty architectural products to our customers to enhance the design of their spaces. Since Material Inc.’s inception over 20 years ago, we have become a reputable and esteemed brand in the architectural and interior design communities. Our dedicated and highly qualified teams in the sales, customer service and marketing departments have worked tirelessly to allow us to become a leading company in our industry. Operating in the construction industry in North America, we focus on providing exceptional interior design services for retailers, hotels, residential property owners, and more.

Here at Materials Inc., we ensure that the specifications of our product are carried out by coordinating the suppliers and contractors’ movement and task, ensuring that the job is done well. We provide exceptional customer service and support to ensure that the entire construction process is smooth sailing for our customers. We desire to enhance customer experience by fulfilling orders quickly and accurately.

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